IADL #213
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 The boys were getting jittery...the "Angela Landsbury Revue" tour bus was 'pert near' an hour late... --Tillman
 Regular price, four bucks, four bucks, four bucks, four bucks. --tv's Spatch
 Hot Damn Diggity, Jethro! I saw that girl's ankle! First an elbow, and now an ankle! All this nudity is makin' my pacemaker go all wacky! --toade
 Now that they can't even count on " Star Trek " movies for work, the original crewmember simply hang out and badmouth Shatner... --Doc Evil
 And now...the Crazy Old Man Dancers! "Old grey mare ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be, old grey mare ain't what she used to be..." --Thomas Wilde ("The Simpsons" rules)
 They might be fogeys... --Doc Evil
 Haha! Try and get a pedophile caption outta this one, ya sickos! --Bucky
 The fad for incredibly lifelike gargoyles peaked in late 1997 with such monstrosities as those shown here, perched malevolently on the edge of St. Jimmy's Chicken Shack. --ArcArc
 The Unusual Suspects --ChAoS
 The Spice Boys -- Geezer Spice, Gaffer Spice, Old (Fart) Spice, Codger Spice, and, jump-starting his flagging career, Skipper Spice! --Stealth
 MTV's latest foray into Television verite, "The Real Bus Stop", was sadly cut short as the downtown 9:15 bus arrived 5 minutes too early. --tv's Spatch
 With more than a week to go until the pension checks come in, all the boys could afford to do was look. --Wanker
 The second string Jets aren't looking too pert this year. --Skywise
 You can actually see the desire for death in their eyes! Amazing! --Skywise
 Aaaargh! Not another 'Stones' tour!?...Mick is getting ready to break into a kick-ass performance of 'Hey you, get off of my lawn." --anon
 Oh, we're the boys of the chorus we hope you liked our show. We know you're rootin' for us, but now we have to go... --chromepaperclip
 The 35th annual Ex-Lax squeeze off. . . .now in hour 2 with noone budging. This could be a squeaker. . . . --- Johnny Raz
 Two words: Matlock Groupies. --Don Spudleone
 Um, wait a second.... Is that a Salvation Army Lamborghini back there? --Pastor of Muppets
 "Hey you, with the glasses! No, no. The one with the dorky hat. No! The one with the funny shirt...aww, forget it." --Grant
 Suddenly Shawanna realized that all of her friends were complete fuck-ups --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 Um, Jethro? Pull my.... um.... I forget.... Damn. --Pastor of Muppets
 Today, live iand in person, ex-victims of the IADL! --John Buchner
 I imagine all these guys are looking at some attractive woman. And our photographer gets us a shot of them. Thanks. --John Buchner
 The Village People '97! As they play thier new hit single: Y-R-U-Here? --John Buchner
 Yah know, in my day anally raping a racoon wasn't considered "performance art". Not that it isn't entertaining... --Tonys Dancing Clams
 "I guess we'll just have to face it...'Matlock' is cancelled, and it's not coming back." --Jim Ellwanger
 Gentlemen, start your engines!!! --Riff
 *ACK* I just realized that I'll be one of those one day. --anon
 ... Meanwhile, at Beachcam.com ... --Riff
 At the first-ever annual IADL reunion ... --Riff
 "Man! Will you look at Shelia and Lucie? I tell ya, nobody inspires dyke jokes like them!" -- Backstage at IADL --Bill
 "'Gimme five bees for a quarter,' you'd say. Anyway, I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time." --Bill
 Next Fall on Fox: Hymie, LeRoy, Shaniqua, KingFisher, and the lovable "Old Fatty" on "The All Degrading Stereotype Show!" --Bill
 "Skipper" sighting #173. He is seen here sitting fifth from the left with a group of friends that he is selfishly using to compensate for the painful hole in his soul which was once filled with the sense of comradare he felt when he lived on his "Little Buddy's" island. --chromepaperclip
 Nearing the end of Hong Kong's democratic rule, we can see here a group of rat-tag "Village People" as a last ditch effort to prevent the onset of Communist rule. --chromepaperclip
 The While-You-Wait-Sidewalk-Enema was a rousing success. --Colin
 So...shouldn't we be engaged in a race war or something? --Colin
 "Boys....there's a big storm rollin' in.....I can feel it in my goiter." --almost cool
 It's a rainbow of 'fruit' flavors.... --who said that?

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