IADL #215
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 Although the angels kept telling Bob to go into the light, he still had half a Coors Light to finish... --Tillman
 Sometimes, Arsenio Hall would look wistfully out at the city, and wish he were once again famous. --Heath
 As Rich turned away from her, his mother suffered the King of All Hot Flashes and exploded. --Thomas Wilde
 Nope, I'm not tampering in God's domain. Not at all. Not trying to create life through electricity. Uh-uh. --Thomas Wilde
 Grace Jones, trying to work through her writer's block, dims the lights in her studio. --Heath
 High above the city in his secret lab, UltraNerd sniffed the air. Somewhere in the city, a game of D&D was beginning. And someone had cheated rolling their character... --Rusty Russell
 Uranium! Gets yer Uranium here! Only 375 million dollahs! Get it while it's hot! Uranium! Gets yer... --toade
 Typical. Spinnwebe snaps a shot of the peeper, but not the chick he's peeping! --Riff
 Rorschach realizes the Comedian really did commit suicide, but chooses to ignore that fact to make the story more interesting. --anon
 Quickening? No sir, there's no Quickening going on here. Nope, nope, nope. None whatsoever. --tv's Spatch
 George, having finally perfected his revolutionary technique for microwaving an entire live cow, ponders the fame and riches that will soon be his --MutantDog
 Here, a cast shot from "Cocoon: The Series," with their wacky landlord, Mr. Fishbaum. --Bill
 Kinda' makes ya wanna spit, don't it. --The Most Rev. HolyOley
 From David Byrne's private collection, a still from the unreleased video for Life During Wartime. --Talking Head
 Doctor Pencilhead gazed out of his loft-based crimelab. "I know you're out there Fontman, and I shall find you. Don't think I won't find you..." --BretttMaverick
 "I'm bland as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" --whoever
 Harold was starting to reconsider the wisdom of accepting Ursa Major and Alpha Centauri as roommates. --Shifter
 I don't know exactly how, but I'm positive that this photo somehow proves that Oswald didn't shoot JFK. --Shifter
 Earl didn't see the oncoming headlights until it was too late. --agm
 Juliet? Juliet? Nope, sorry pal...but, hey, you wanna meet my daughter, Bernice? She's a nice girl...hey, where ya going? --Shakespeare's Uncle No One Talks About
 Come to me, my X-men!!!! --Riff
 I'm trying to figure out if this is a shot from Rear Window or 12 Monkeys. --Riff
 Mother? I was just talking to her, Moth- don't call her that! Mother!! No, I don't want to- don't make me- No, Mother, No!! --Shifter
 Earl was just preparing a really good loogie when a moist 'splut' noise and a gooie sensation struck the back of his head. Damn! His upstairs neighbor Leroy had beaten him to it again. --hippie
 I got some big-ass windows here!! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 "Gowon! Ged on outta heah! Damn internet stalkeratzi . . . ." --phonsux
 Isn't this a scene from every other COPS episode? --phonsux
 Just as Heinrich reached the window, the bomb went off. --Geoduck
 "Hey! You with the camera! Get the fuck off my lawn! That zoysia grass ain't cheap!" --Who me?
 Quiz time! Which one is not the supernatural entity? --Emil Blovin
 "Ya call that a strobe flash, boy? This is a strobe flash!" --Emil Blovin
 Spinnwebe discovers the Lens Flare feature in Photoshop. --Emil Blovin
 I'm holding the sun hostage inside this building and the world shall be encased in darkness unless my demands are met! --Colin
 "Damn, that's a hell of a night light ya got there Frank!" --DieLifeDie
 Lord Sarnak, chillin' at his crib. --Don Spudleone
 If I was sociopathic, and if I had a rifle, and if this weren't a picture on the Internet, this guy would be in trouble. --The Lawyer
 The East vs West coast rappers war escalates, as Heavy P waits above with his arsenal of water balloons --witchiepoo
 The cops had no problems locating the missing 5kg of plutonium. --anon
 Charles Foster Kane lives in the symbolic light, you hear me? Charles Foster Kane lives in the symbolic light!! --The decapitated fish

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