IADL #216
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 Kinda gives another meaning to 'Badass', dosn't it? --Magus
 Jean cautiously felt around...no doubt about it, those 7-11 implants had burst. She silently cursed her uncle for squandering her inheritance, and vowed to take her revenge...but not till after lunch. --Lysdexic
 Boy, do I feel like an ass... Hers!!! --Doc Evil
 Saayyy... Do fries go with that shake? --Doc Evil
 Blue light special or cafeteria meatloaf? Blue light special or cafeteria meatloaf? Fortune, you are a cruel mistress!!! --Ron Martin
 "English! Does anyone here speak ENG-GLish??? ...ah, fuck it...I shoulda shot your ass in 'Nam when I had the chance." --Dr No
 Look...if I wanted fuckin' fries I would ask for it, now wouldn't I? And besides, who ever heard of french fries at a friggin' Sushi bar anyways? --toade
 The cast of "The Real World" makes their weekly trip to the methadone clinic. --The Interrupting Cow
 "Say, guys, does it mean anything that there's four or five guys in matching suits walking this way...?" --The Interrupting Cow
 Marie looked around pensively. If anyone noticed her straddling the rope, she'd just say it was all a big mistake. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Wait a minute...that hairstyle...those hips...Thel! --anon
 Damn. The girl in the middle gets to go first just because she doesn't have a tail ... --Riff
 Welcome to McBank! May I McTake your McMoney? --McRiff
 The latest ridiculous merger since Microsoft bought Apple - McDonalds takes over Citibank! --Riff
 Sarah felt another seam burst...she hoped no one would notice her hips and thighs inflating at the mere mention of cheesecake. --Jenn Dolari
 Charlene's plan was working. Before long, she would gradually work her jeans up around her neck. --Marlboro
 Is this an example of the "Good" big ass or the "Bad" big ass? You make the call! --Tillman
 I was all set to do a Beatles/moptop caption until the rest of the image loaded in... --Emil Blovin
 Lines were curiously short at the Liposuction-While-U-Wait Clinic. --Emil Blovin
 "We'll have the racial harmony special, with extra catsup. To go, please." --Bucky
 "So it starts like this... a black guy, an asian girl, and a preppie chick with a big butt walk into the fast food restaraunt..." --Bucky
 "Excuse me, sir? My daddy told me you need to be at the end of the line." --Bucky
 Ooooh, baby... Bathe her, and bring her to me! --Doc Evil
 When I think of Dave Thomas, I touch myself... --Doc Evil
 Janet looked away; Herb ignored her and tried to get his meal. Indira, meanwhile, was determined to rob the Wendy's with a banana, but was encountering opposition.... --phil
 ...and I would like to thank the young lady on the left for donating her ass to the Internet. By weathering international ridicule, she's keeping millions of pinheaded geeks from going out in public. --phil
 The line for John Tesh tickets. --Heath
 "No, not Srikrishnagutamurthy. It's Srikrishnagutamurthy." --Heath

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