IADL #217
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 Forget that guy, mom. The one over here in the trenchcoat has two penises! --Ron Martin
 "Once Mom started taking crack, I had to wear rollerblades to keep up!" --Who's That Girl: The Lola Ciccone Story --Heath
 Much to her Mother's dismay, Little Janey was becoming better at the Bump 'n' Grind. --Evil Ed
 "Whoa! Mom! Someone just blew a dog whistle!" --Evil Ed
 Unfortunatly, the G-Rated version of The Excorcist, in which they removed Satan from the little girl by taking him to a carnival, did not do nearly as well as the original. --Magus
 "Largest genitals I've ever seen on a mule." --cravartaldkie
 Disney may make some cool lookin' cartoons, but they can't make an animatronic robot worth a damn! --Don Spudleone
 As the Blonde Duo make thier escape, the black man in the background cries over his lost balloon animal. --Tony's Dancing clams
 Mom, quick, look to the right! It's bad enough we're going to have cruel jokes made at our expense on the internet, but they don't have to see your huge goiter. --Tony's Dancing clams
 Little Janey was hit pretty hard with the realization that she was going to inherit her mother's knobby knees. --Evil Ed
 That Beer Slide was fun, mommy, and it made me feel all happy inside. Can we do it again? Can we? Can we? *hic* --toade
 Miller Lite: Proud sponsor of the Pedophile Olympics! --Don Spudleone
 After consuming 3000 gallons of Miller Lite, the couple from #203 are magically transformed into beautiful young women. --Tony's Dancing Clams
 "For the last time, I am _not_ getting you the next larger size for a quarter more." --The Interrupting Cow
 Stop for a second... my Spidergirl sense is tingling. Spinnwebe must be nearby. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 So, it is obvious that Spinnwebe stakes out its 'Subjects' at the Miller Lite consession stand. Hey, I'm not judging . . . not at all, just making an observation. --phonsux
 Izzat Pennywise the Clown protecting yonder young maiden's privates so much like a Chastity Belt or Spiritual Guardian? --phonsux
 Look, Ma'am, will you just consider the enormous benefits of working for Amway? --alanon
 Deborah couldn't help but stare at the strange antenna her daughter had developed. --Riff
 Jesus! If that huge can is Miller Lite, I'd sure hate to see Miller Heavy! --Riff
 You've got to be suave about it, Mom. Just order an M-G-D Lite. Trust me. --Riff
 Upon learning of the plans to convert her bedroom into a nursery, jealous Sheri karate chops her unborn sibling . --not elsie
 Little Marcie wears the Dorothy in OZ number, while her mother Kate wears the more mature Cordoba Nights model of feminine crotch protector. --not elsie
 The mimes get younger every year. --Marlboro
 . . . And after he gave me this baloon, I knocked him down like this. Then I got the last laugh! --anon
 Thanks Mom, No one's ever brought a dildo this big to show'n'tell! --PoohBear
 "As Uncle Billy guzzled his beer, i was feeling bit edgy about walking around with him in drag" -- "My Life in Hell, or Georgia..samething" by Amy Carter --anon
 Finally, a picture for the pedophiles who like little girls. --The Lawyer
 From the late 1970's; Amy Carter and Dorothy Hamil on a bender in D.C. --Tillman
 Mom, that man in the van said he wants to take me to the woods, rape me, and leave me for dead. Can I go? Huh? Can I? --anon
 "Mom, you were right! Putting a running vibrator in your purse does make the carnival more exciting!" --Emil Blovin
 Becky and her mom scanned the horizon for the Port-a-potties: beer went through them like greased lightning. --Emil Blovin
 Jack did last-minute adjustments on Mom's knee while Betty ticked the items on the final checklist. The giant beer can would be no match for their giant statues. --Emil Blovin
 "Damn. Looks like another glass wall. You see any other way out?" --Emil Blovin
 Beer in one hand, frozen lemonade in another: Becky knew it was only a matter of time before mom would hand her the wrong one. Then she would finally be a woman! --Emil Blovin
 "Hello, World, there's a song that we're singin', C'mon get happeeee!" Come on, everyone, clap your hands! Clap, dammit, clap! Moooom!" --Crazy Pickle Dog
 Suburbia Woman and Perfect Girl leave the fair quickly to get the virus-infested yoghurt isolated. Dr. Scum has been foiled again! --Emil Blovin
 I am now convinced this place does in fact exist. I am now going on vacation for a week. I'll write! --Bucky
 Disney Merchandise Girl springs into action to save the innocent citizens from the impending explosion of the 30-foot beer can.. --anon

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