IADL #219
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 What the hell are these things? It's like a bunch of paper bound together on one side, and you can open it up and there's words in here. Whatever, let's get back to the game boy. --anon
 "Here it is! 'Nut Sak'(Noun)1.)The loose pouch of skin under the penis that hold the testicles. 2.) A form of constant irritation to Spinnwebe." --Tillman
 "Well, maybe Hallmark doesn't think the time is right for Sorry I Gave You A Communicable Disease cards, Phil." --tv's Spatch
 Geez! Damn ' Image ' comics are late AGAIN!!! --Doc Evil
 I"m sure glad to see that Alabama has finally expanded their public school libraries --MutantDog
 Well! I never got frequent-flyer miles for running away. --Heath
 Ahh...here we go...Secret Love Oyster Rhino-Horn Aphrodesiac Incense... I'll be picking up all the chicks now! --toade
 Doogie Howser's Neil Patrick Harris and Michael J. Fox: Forbidden Love, Forbidden Desires, Forbidden Ecstasy. --toade
 Gallant picks out a nice Mother's Day card. Goofus wishes Gallant had been an abortion so he'd be the hero for once. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 "Well, if YOU can be a Jew and buy Christmas cards, I can be a white guy and buy Kwanza cards. So fuck you." --Dr No
 "Hmph...why don't they have any 'Coming Out' cards, Bruce?" --Dr No
 David realised with horror that putting the ``Bon Voyage!'' cards under the ``Cards Suitable for the Terminally Ill'' had increased sales... --Rusty Russell
 You mean those kids in #49 still haven't made up their minds? --Riff
 These Mormon porno stands are pretty boring... --anon
 "Huh! Sez here that the clitoris is located at the apex of the labia minora...Shit! I was way off!" --Tillman
 These ones are ribbed on the inside! All right! --Werehamster (Formerly His Imperial Majesty)
 "You know, Jim. I really resent the objectification of women in comic books. I mean, Kitty Pride is now sportin' a double d-cup chest an' Storm is just a whitened version of an African American for us young caucasians . . . like we have the mentalities of rutting goats. C'mon, let's go play Mortal Combat three." --phonsux
 Vending machines with wood paneling . . . that just screams back woods town mall, eh? --phonsux
 Next on Fox- When Skateboard Punks Turn Good. --agm
 As the girl of thier dreams looked thier way they, Bob and Joe tryed to look casual, not realizing they were in the panty hose section of the store looking at control tops. --Luigi's Bondage Blowfish
 yin and yang, light and dark, huge ass no ass.. --Luigi's Bondage Blowfish
 "Hmmm...VD Prevention...Don't Talk To Strangers...ah, Battered Women's Shelter! Hey, Roy, I found out where the bitches are hiding! Grab your bat." --Stealth
 OK, now, dude, just casually slip them in your pocket. Heeheehee... just think of all the travel booklets we'll be getting away with! --Tony's Dancing Clams
 Remember! Bus Station romances rarely work out... --Tillman
 Somehow, I see this getting worked into a Calvin Klein ad. --Skywise
 Don and Dan prepare to pull off their biggest heist ever. The Halmark Card robbery. --MizchIveIz
 "Hmmm...doesn't seem to be any brochures for 'Journey into Hell.'" --Jenn Dolari
 "Love Jesus." Man...these Jesus Freak brochures aren't even TRYING anymore.... --Jenn Dolari
 Jeff and Blake liked to smoke a few and cruise the Welcome Center on I-40. "See Rock City"? Hell, Jeff was Rock City! --phil
 While Ralph picks out a card for his sister, Joe shows his disdain for the crummy selection by pissing on the rack. --The Lawyer

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