IADL #22
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 "Can I go postal here, or should I get over by the express checkout lane?" --Paul T. Riddell
 Fired from his latest wrestling gig and facing eviction, Kamala the Ugandan Giant ponders the future. --Der Tanzer
  Here, A bloated and desperate Gray Coleman is shown shoplifting a sand pail and a bag of Archway lemon wafers. -Child Stars: How the Might Have Fallen- --zazu
 Billy Dee contemplates his career choice as a Psychic Friend while handing out literature at the local Ace Hardware store. --Monk n Treb
 What... My I.D.? Hey I played Isaac on the Love Boat Dammit! I don't care if I'm piss drunk. I WANT MY LIQUOR! --Monk n Treb
 LeVar Burton awaits visitors at the PayLess "Star Trek" convention. --Capt. phealy
 Wow, this Walmart camoflage really works! --lapel
 The Asian girl looks on as her friend's halter top falls down, revealing a large set of perfect breasts. The photographer attempted to capture the image of the woman stuffing her breasts back into the too-tiny halter; however, this pair of obvious homosexuals, not caring to see the jug-fest, carelessly obscure the scene. --Whooter?
 Cletus finally realizes that he was in Sotheby's, not Bloomingdale's, and that he just spent $250,000 for one of Jack Kennedy's used condoms. --The Lawyer
 "Okay, a man with no face is following me ... act normal ... nothing's wrong ..." --John Hargrave
 Bob keeps his head held high even though he's only buying his wife's tampons and douche. --el Marko
 Having seen the "blue-light special" flash, the K-Mart droids marched in lock-step toward the checkout counters. --The Most Rev.Oley
 Louis Farrakhan contemplates the deep inner meaning of the numbers atop the isles at Walmart. --The Sandman
 In this summer's The Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy plays eight roles -- including all three of these people. --zed valdez
 Oh sure, be a seeing eye dog....help people...they never tell you about flatulence! --anon
 "Hmmmm, do I want the french tickler? Or maybe the "Mega Mickey". . . --Capt. phealy
 As the first Black man in It's a Dysfunctional Life I must be cool. I must not fail. I must not flash back to Nam where-- oh, God no, Lieutenant! Don't make me shoot-- budda budda budda-- No! No! The horror, the horror... --Horselover Fat
 His victims were often surprised when they found out Death's side job was driving a Coca-Cola delivery truck. However, the two jobs had more in common than most thought... --Keef
 Jesse Jackson REALLY let himself go after losing the Presidental election. --Don Spudleone

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