IADL #221
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 And all this time I thought alt.binaries.pictures.nordic was a joke. --Thomas Wilde
 Do not, under ANY circumstance, pull this guy's finger! --Doc Evil
 Stir me up another vat of Slim Fast, Ethelred! Last time I tried to fly to Valhalla, I couldn't get off the ground! --Magus
 In ancient times, Valkyries were female fighters who took brave warriors who died in combat to Valhalla. But much has changed since then, and nowadays they'll take any nerd in return for a beer and a bag of peanuts. --Magus
 Uh oh... When THIS guy tells you to pull his finger, YOU'D BETTER LISTEN! --Magus
 Egads! It's Attila the Hungry! --mutantdog
 "Uh, yes, Adolf? Gunter here has a few words he'd like to say to you about your 'Ethnic Purity Laws'. Go ahead, Gunter." --Bucky
 "I'm a little teapot, short and stout!" --Bucky
 The most current image from www.midgetcam.com --Bucky
 You tell me over the phone to get dressed up as Brunhilde and now you tell me I have to change my costume and dress up as Emmett Kelly? What the fuck gives here??? --Karl Kaefer
 "That's it. The opera's over." --Heath
 MAD-TV competes with SNL's Goat Boy. --Heath
 ...you should see the children! --Heath
 Olaf, you go long. Bjorn, I'll handoff to you. Sigfried and Hagar will block. Ready? Break! --anon
 Janitorial work was easier without a minotaur for a supervisor. --ChAoS
 I thought you dwarves were supposed to be SMALL! --ChAoS
 817 AD: Faced with new opposition from the Norman longbow, the Vikings need to develop a new war machine. Their solution: to use their extensive knowledge of genetics to cross their warriors with the mighty Orca... --Shifter
 It's not the costume or the hat that worries me- it's that extra eye on the back of his friggin' head! --Geoduck
 "I think you misunderstood. She wants the doughnuts NOW." --Luna
 Despite Elric the Stout's best mechanical prevention techniques, he was to explode mere moments later. --Skywise
 "Would you like that, good citizen? Would you like to ride with...Batman?" --Skywise
 Lothar of the Hill People meets Ed of the Janitorial Staff. --Riff
 That's right! Avert your eyes, lowly peasant, from the might of Sir Buttly the Widebottomed! --Riff
 Would you mind handing me back my hammer, Herc? If I let go for too long, I turn back into a wuss. --Riff
 The further adventures of Belthar - the wide-assed assassin! --Riff
 What Radio Shack managers do with their weekends during the fall... --Tillman
 This picture was taken just before the belt burst, causing Gorto the Almighty's massive girth to envelope the city around him. It was a dark day in Middle Earth indeed. --Jenn Dolari
 Finally: someone on IADL that scares me because of the simple fact they could crush me like a bug. --Colin
 Now that's a man! Oh yeah! Something for the ladies, eh, Spinnwebe? --anon
 What Gerald really needed to do was trade in his viking helmet for some sort of warning device that would beep loudly when he was backing up. --almost cool
 Frank heard the sound of splitting leather seconds before he was buried in an avalanche of green and flesh. --Emil Blovin
 Heh, heh. Okay son. Apologize to the nice man for calling him a fag and he'll let go of your nuts. --Ron Martin
 Here we see two people that even comic book dorks wouldn't admit knowing. --Anonywuss
 The last thing a confused bull ever sees before it's convicted for violation of Georgia sodomy laws. --Jizmo the Wonder Horse
 Concrete example of why "Girlfriend Day" is never an issue at the Renaissance fair. --Jizmo the Wonder Horse
 Hmmm, a back support. You know, it's good to see that the Vikings put safety first when doing heavy lifting, chopping or smiting. --phil
 The Viking UNIX admins looked much the same as ours do today. --phil
 Hagar the Horrible vs. Owen Lars... Let's get ready to rrrrumbllle!!! --Doc Evil
 Paul's lesser known brother, Bob Bunyan and his green ox, Bert. --phonsux
 Heh heh heh....he's horny. --Marlboro
 NOTICE TO SHOPPERS: Anyone caught shoplifting is immediately consumed by the big angry man at the door. --Luigi's Bondage Blowfish
 Harold couldn't believe it. Buzz the high school bully was here charging smaller guys a dollar to pass him on the sidewalk. --Luigi's Bondage Blowfish

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