IADL #222
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 Martha slowly slipped off to the right as the half-drunk yahoo hit on her decoy. --Thomas Wilde
 Tired of being snubbed by the Ren culture, Irma holds her own less-than-succesful RenFaire on a local playground. --macb3th
 Trash Heap, nothin'! Anyone remember " The Kroft Superstars "? --Doc Evil
 Never mind the thing in front!! What the hell is that in the background doing the Stomp dance? --The Librarian from hell
 Irene's strip tease veil dance could take up to 4 hours to complete...and it wasn't worth the wait. --Tillman
 "Hello, Mrs. Premise!" "Good day, Mrs. Conclusion!" --I remember the Trash Heap, who lived by the Gorgs.
 Thou hast tripped thine nut sak into a veritable frenzy of dik play, good sir. --anon
 Step right up, step right up! Step right up and for $5, take a good look at Faceless Edna! Step right up, step right... --Magus
 Anyone's too sexy for that hat! --Heath
 Obviously, a shot from the Special Ed RenFaire. --Heath
 A rare miraculous sighting of Our Lady Of Lint, somewhere in Duluth... --The Interrupting Cow
 This has got to be the weirdest Beck video I've ever seen... --Bucky
 Identities have been hidden to protect the innocent. --Bucky
 "Nay, I'm serious. Thee, a dwarf in a handcart, and mine own sister. 50 shillings." --anon
 Only having successfully travelled back to 1410AD did Edna realise that she had forgotten to put any pants on - natch......... --no12no
 Ye Olde Bagge Ladie --Werehamster (Formerly His Imperial Majesty)
 Bring out yer dorks... --Doc Evil
 When you told me you were a "carpet-muncher", I thought that meant you were a lesbian. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Excuse me, Ma;am, but are you one of the 'attractive females' we've heard so much about? --Riff
 ... so I says to the king: "Torture? I hardly even know her!" Thank you, I'm here all fortnight! --Riff
 In the original version, the Scarecrow got a sex change, the Tin Man got a waterproof vest, and Dorothy got to carry around the mutilated stump that was once the Cowardly Lion. --Riff
 I am NOT going to ask. I am not going to ask. I am not going to ask........ Oh, I GOTTA ask!.... WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF?!?!?! --Magus
 "Why do I do this year after year? WE ALL NEED TO GET LIVES! WE ALL NEED TO QUIT LIVING THIS PITIFUL LIE!" --Tillman
 No, I'm not a drag queen...I'n Aenslaad, the tattered dreams fairy! --Jenn Dolari
 I constructed her entirely of greasy rags and staples, she's my girlfriend. --Colin
 Mary Poppins: The Lean Years --Colin
 "Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine!' C'mon, you faggots! Do the Safety Dance!" --Tillman
 Jack misunderstands the point of the Faire and comes dressed as Eleanor Roosevelt. --Emil Blovin
 FREAK OUT! Le freak, c'est chique.... --Pastor of Muppets
 It's the RenFest Minnie Pearly! "HuuuuuuuuuuuZAH!" --Bill
 Whoa, dudes! Too much mead! And look! It's the Reign of Ye Olde Cocaine! --Stealth
 In New York, BagLadies are treated with the utmost respect. --Wizard of Odd
 Dennis Rodman tried so hard to be inconspicuous. He tried so hard. --toade
 You know, either Spinnwebe burned about a million rolls of film at this RenFaire, or it's an ongoing thing in his backyard, and he takes a couple shots occasionally for filler. --phil
 Sorry, Spinnwebe, no caption for this one... I'm too busy trying to claw my eyes out of their sockets.... --Pastor of Muppets
 VH-1 2010: The Boy George/Tom Petty comeback tour - arriving soon at a bus stop near you!!! --Big Dog
 So, Lord Raiden, how do you like the RenFaire so far? --Don Spudleone
 It's the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyone? --Marlboro
 Ai wanna spaike loyke a propa' laidee! --Marlboro
 Whoah, check out the pants-less nun. --Marlboro
 Rita's Ripper victim costume was largely unappreciated, despite the dangling viscera. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Oh man! House of Style has really gone to Hell this year, hasn't it? --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 And now the lovely Darlene will show you the epitome of our fall collection, called simply "The bastard child of Katherine Hepburn and some junkie we found in the alley." --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!

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