IADL #223
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 Is there any normal male who does not thank the lord for lycra? --The Librarian from the bad place
 I put my hand upon your hip. When I dip, you dip, we dip... --Doc Evil
 Dial...strong enough for a man...gentle enough for an amazon. --Tillman
 OK! Who here has had a boob job? Raise your hands! I thought so... --Tillman
 Careful! Those hooters are loaded! --Magus
 Um. . .what's the catch? --Heath
 In the back, hands trying to hide his woody, is there no end to this filth!! --The Librarian from hell
 Y'know, I never realized just how hard it is to type with one hand. --The Lawyer
 "You do the hokey-pokey and you pump yourself up! That's what it's all about!" --Stealth
 A confused terrorist looking for the World Trade Center found himself in the middle of a Spice Girls concert. --Tillman
 Ahhhhh! They're pointed right at me!!! --phonsux
 Alas, the aerobics workout platform was deadly sabotaged by being placed directly across from Silbo's Sizzlin' Sausage Snacks booth. --Jenn "Infocom" Dolari
 Ut-oh. It's the aerobics demonstration pic. I'm already afraid of the next picture. --Riff
 ...boing, boing, boing, boing ... --Riff
 It is truly embarrassing when a woman has better abs than you. --Emil Blovin
 Bob suddenly realizes that his underarm odor will always keep him from becoming a real woman. --spank
 Hey! How did Spinnwebe get into my back yard? --Pastor of Muppets
 The emergency reserve Spice Girls: Mediocre Spice, Barely Adequate Spice, Okay Spice, and Obsessed With Her Own Armpit Spice. --Werehamster
 Of course, the question is, what could possibly balance out this picture? I get the feeling some nude pictures of Larry King are in Spinnwebe's future.... --Pastor of Muppets
 She-Hulk, heavily made up, finds her calling as a Solid Gold Dancer. --phil
 "Are we not ladies?" "We are DEVO!" "Are we not ladies?" "D-E-V-O!" --nice personality
 FINALLY! FINALLY, after YEARS of searching, I FINALLY found the attractive women Greg was talking about!....... Well, back to the realm of obnoxious little girls and sickening fat men. --Magus
 You warned us, I shrugged---what I fool I was, now I shall suffer the ultimate price for my lack of vision. --Colin
 These "women" look like they have all the coordination of Rock-'Em-Sock-'Em Robots. --Colin
 So this is what happened to the fly girls after the death of "In Living Color" --well
 You the girl on the right... you had a question? --Well
 The first meeting of women that talk to their armpits. --Well
 "Hmmm," though Snake-Eyes. "Maybe aerobics could help me shed this flab I've put on since we defeated Cobra once and for all..." --BretttMaverick
 Arrrrrr. This'll keep me company on those long nights at sea.... Aye. --BretttMaverick
 Eyeing the lovelies, Scorpion weighs the odds of copping a long-range feel. --BretttMaverick
 Hooters' Girls show how to use inflatable life-jackets in case of emergency. --The Most Rev. HolyOley
 I could just cry. Bless you, SpinnWebe, for brightening my day. Merciful heavens. --Marlboro
 Ya get the feeling that SpinnWebe doesn't attract too very many female patrons? --Marlboro
 SpinnWebe's trusty shutter finger turns a healthy looking, scantily clad dancing woman into an armpit sniffing retard. --Ngoc van Trimble
 The girl on the right! Shave her and bring her to me! Better bring a safety net, too. --Tillman
 Boy, you can hardly tell the vat-grown ones from the live-birth ones anymore... --The Interrupting Cow
 Not the bloody Macarena AGAIN!!!! --Bucky
 "Okay IADL group, this way to the next ugly-as-sin RenFaire picture. We apologize for the attractive women." --macb3th
 Half way through the routine, Rita realized where that dead rat smell was coming from. --DieLifeDie
 Never again will I doubt the power of prayer. --Grendel
 "I have a invisible friend who lives in my armpit and helps me with the class. Don't you Binky?" "That's right, Sherri! And three, two, one, and kick! two three.." --witchiepoo

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