IADL #225
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 Where will you be when your diarehha medicine kicks in? --Riff
 Amazingly, Chamiqua went unnoticed during the entire clan rally. --Matt in the Hat
 7:58am - Waiting for the doors to open on the Walmart Sale-A-Thon. --Matt in the Hat
 "You got your Ex-Lax in my Metamucil!" "You got your Metamucil in my Ex-Lax!" --Bill
 "But when they reconstructed the hip, they added this nifty side hatch where I can hide my stash, my condoms, my rod...you should break your hip and try it out!" --Stealth
 MGM knew they had to do something about the line for Star Tours...whole families were being born during the wait...children growing old, waiting for that ten minute burst of fun between miserable moments of their lives. --Jenn Dolari
 So you say you misplaced your Depends where? --Jenn Dolari
 "I'm sorry, I didn't realize my thigh flab was encroaching on your thigh flab." --agm
 Geez, Myrtle, you done passin' that stone yet? --I'm with Stoopid
 Damn, according to this map,we're facing the wromg way! --Riff
 `Margret, help me roll a few.. we gotta sell these before the kids get home from school.' --trashman
 "Hey, that one's from the time my dad found out that you de-flowered me out of wedlock and beat the shit out of you! Don't you remember that time? Ah, memories..." --Jamey "Crisis" Powell
 Jenny was so Goth even GOD couldn't see her. --Evil Ed
 So what do we want to see first - the juggling act, the Renn Fayre or the giant Miller Lite can? Don't you just love vacationing in the IADL? --Riff
 Wow. This certainly wins the award for Most Fat Packed into One Picture. --Magus
 This reeks of some Lifetime "Original Programming" to me. --SKywise
 It's the Velcro pants that keep them from falling off that bench. --Heath
 Suprisingly, the open air porta-potties were extremely popular .... --Big Dog
 So you see my personal gravity is stronger than yours. --Well
 Now that's love....a colostomy bag built for two! --Don Spudleone
 "Di, Dodi, Dead!" What the hell does that mean? --Goon
 Edna's only relief from her lumbago involved having a child lean against her back and hum a B flat. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Fuckin' "Uncle Art's Funland". This wonderword shit's tougher 'n "Wheel". --BretttMaverick
 Get off, quick! That bench is only rated for 500 lbs capacity! --Fugmulch
 No Frank, it's loop stitch loop stitch not loop loop stitch stitch, hell you'll never learn to crochet properly! --anon
 Why Enda, you've grown a penis! --anon
 ...No, wait... wasn't it supposed to be a left back at the Caverns of Despair and then a right at the Swirling Vortex of Doom? Damn. Never get directions from a troll. --KAF
 Now this one's of little Frankie.... Pa put him together in the garage. --Lyzza
 No, Edna, I can't say I've ever seen a gential wart that big before! --Colin
 ".... they were beautiful, my 'Senior-citizens in the Mist'." --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Okay...I'm sitting on the gravestone, and kissing the old lady on the neck. Now your turn...truth or dare? --oh all right...it's witchiepoo again. I'm sorry.
 Harriet, look at all these people around us making out! Did we stumble onto a new geriatric version of Debbie Does Downtown Boise? --Karl Kaefer

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