IADL #226
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 Rod smiled. He was glad he bought an Inflatable Crack-Whore. --Magus
 I want to know what was so disturbing in the bottom left corner that had to be cut out to protect us. --anon
 o/` Boooooorn to be miiiiiiiiild! o/` --Riff
 Nice hog! And I like the motorcycle, too. --Tillman
 It was a doomed relationship. Edwina's little weight problem shot Bob's gas mileage all to hell. --Tillman
 How was Todd ever gonna get the chicks if his mom always had to ride with him? --Tillman
 Tetsuo and Canada pick up their dates for the Neo-Tokyo High School Prom. --Shifter
 Uh-oh, better look out! It's a group of middle-aged doctors and lawyers having a mid-life crisis, and they're up to no good! --Jamey "Crisis" Powell
 Man, how come Steve gets all the mediocre chicks? --Tangent
 Chelsea Clinton's first week at Stanford ends rather embarrasingly as she's caught on film by the campus newspaper. --Matt in the Hat
 Uh.. Honey, my leg's caught... Honey... Honey... Don't start driving, Honey!! Don't.. Stop- WAiiittt!! --Lyzza
 kicks, man. that's what it's all about. Kicks. --madderrose
 "Yeah, hon, it's a blood tick. Right on the back of your neck. Big as hell, too." --phil
 Wow! Even Romulan motorbikes have cloaking devices! --Doc Evil
 Damn...a picture of motorcycles and I *still* feel compelled to make ren-faire jokes. Greg, what have you done to my MIND!!! --witchiepoo
 Two seconds later Jodie, k.d. and Ellen were crushed under an avalanche of paparazzi captions. --doity
 Well, I guess this is a turning point for IADL....a crotch shot and a cleavage shot. On the same person. And she's a FEMALE! And she's even attractive!!! --Moe The Maneater
 Let's see how low we can go with this one: Lady Di hooks up with Elvis, while JFK looks on, shortly before meeting up with Hoffa and the Lindburgh baby to make some crop circles with the Reticulan Greys. There. I've finally gone as low as I can. You satisfied?! --Pastor of Muppets
 "I didn't realize riding a motercycle would be so strenuous on the arms!" said Jane. "It's easier sitting down." said Bill. --Ricardo
 "Eek, Bruce! There's a girrl on your back!!" --Ricardo
 Yeah, we'd prolly better run home...she keeps jabbering on about "Me want Honeycomb." --Jenn Dolari
 "Saget gets Home Videos...Coullier gets Funniest People...those Olsen twins get a whole slew of tapes...and I get a drunk biker dude and a clammy girlfriend...what a world...." --Jenn Dolari
 "I can't believe we bombed the Akira audition!" --RipperJak
 Fortunately for all concerned, the Screaming Yuppies made a wrong turn and ended up in Philadelphia instead of Hollister... --Emil "actually was near Hollister" Blovin
 Personally, I like the girl to be in front wink, wink, nudge, nudge know what I mean, know what I mean? --Emil Blovin
 "Time to roll," the leader of the pack said. He liked that joke, since his head was just a big cinnamon roll. --Marlboro
 See if you can match the word to the person: Bed-wetter, pedophile, crack-whore. --Marlboro
 Wow. A guy with crotch-crickets on a crotch-rocket with a crotch-jockey. --Marlboro
 "Dangit. I knew I shouldn't have worn a skirt. Now I'll look like some kind of whore." --Marlboro
 Hey guys, lets go down to the Dairy Queen and try to look cool. --Marlboro
 Hey, Jimmy. My mom's making Stove-Top Stuffing tonight. Wanna come over? --Marlboro
 Tom gazed longingly. He too wanted a crack-whore for his bike. --Marlboro
 The Keane's prized fern makes a special IADL appearance. --Goon
 Hey Murray, Murray! Look behind you, some slut is trying to climb onto your bike. --anon

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