IADL #227
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 "Red rum! RED RUM!" --DoomTrout
 Sid and Marty Krofft: In Hell! --tv's Spatch
 Johnny Winter takes a minute from his hectic schedule to answer some fan mail. --Heath
 "...and every year they ask me the same thing. 'What's your secret?' Well, fuck if I knew. It sure ain't all the freebase." --Heath
 Everyone realized that Myrtle had finally lapsed into senility when she started doing that Yves Montand hand puppet routine. --Ratman
 It's a Sleestack! When did we enter the " Land of the Lost "? --Doc Evil
 Since her children never visit, Ethel converses with her magic Nose Goblins to pass the time... --Doc Evil
 What do you mean, "we're not in Florida?" --Namgubed the Merry Elf
  Weekend at Bernice's , now playing at theaters everywhere. --alanon
 Dear, after you change my granddaughter, I'll need to be changed too... --Doc Evil
 FINALLY! Somebody * HAS * brought out their dead! --Doc Evil
 The game long since over, Edna musters up a feeble "Bingo" to no avail... --Tillman
 Even though he's resting now, Joe Montana really shouldn't have played those last 2 years in K.C. --Tillman
 Estelle Getty gives the finger to IADL paparazzi. --Stealth
 Boy, them Martians really don't care about wearing disguises anymore, do they. --Don Spudleone
 I know Truman Capote really liked that spot, but he's been dead for 13 years now and I think it's time to put him in a grave somewhere! --Don Spudleone
 Davros takes a holiday. --BretttMaverick
 I'm crushing my goiter! Crush! Crush! --BretttMaverick
  * ZOINKS! * It's a " Scooby Doo " villain! --Doc Evil
 Sarah gazed dejectedly at her two-fingered hand. "Whelp," she thought, "that's leperosy for you." --Marlboro
 New York is the most un-friendly place in the world. This woman has been dead for three days and no one's even called a morgue. --Marlboro
 Wow, SpinnWebe! You just keep supplying us with this FINE chicks. Man oh man, that is a fine piece of tail. --Marlboro
 Artist: Spinnwebe / Category: Still Life / Title: Running Out the Clock in Miami --Tillman
 "So these are my "Golden Years"...Big fuckin' deal!" --Tillman
 A recently un-helmeted Darth Vader vacations in the Hamptons. --Jizmo the Wonder Horse
 Dr. Moreau at a Senior Retirement Home in Florida. --phonsux
 I'll get you my pretty ... and your little dog, too! --Riff
 "No, Edna, I'm not your purse. I'm a secret Undergrass agent sent here as a reminder.... We're still watching you. --Ricardo
 Meanwhile, back at home: "Gosh, great vacation....say, where's Granma?" "Why, we must have left her dessicated carcass on the hotel patio! I'll she if they can't ship her back...." --phil
 Martin Short's popularity in Cancun never faded; on vacations, he would have to disguise himself as a mummified corpse to get privacy. --phil
 King Tutankhamen's popularity in Cancun never faded; on vacations, he would have to disguise himself as Martin Short for privacy. --phil
 "Hello, finger, you're my only friend." --phil
 The spokemodel for Calvin Klein's new adult diaper line. --phil
 "Damn, she's a wicked bitch..." thought Murray, "...I'm 34 years old and she STILL makes me stand in the corner for talking back!" --Big Dog
 Somehow, when Edna flashed gang signs, it just didn't seem quite as threatening.... --Big Dog
 Damn, I could spend all day thinking of captions for this one! --Big Dog
 It would appear that Mabel did indeed pick a winner!!! --Big Dog
 Albino Woman attempts to elude Pumped Up Man by blending in with the furniture surrounding her. --Jenn Dolari
 "Is this a joint I see before me?" --Jenn Dolari
 Jenny was lucky. She had gotten under the umbrella before the nuclear flash burned the image of purple shorts against the far wall. --Jenn Dolari
 Feed me! --John Buchner
 Oh good lord you guys are gonna pay for those outdoor aerobics/crack whore pics.. heehee.. heeheehee.. ah hahaha HA HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! --Luigi's Bondage Blowfish (I'm girl by the way)
 Hmm. There appears to be a large black rodent with a chunk torn out of his back, who is giving me the finger in this picture. Uh, if anybody needs me, I'll be at the Betty Ford clinic. --Jamey "Crisis" Powell

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