IADL #229
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 There is no god. There is no god. There is no god. There is no god. There is no god. There is no... --Magus
 Here we see a rare photo of Dr. Moreau before he got weird. --RipperJak
 "Hey, baby, how about a game of 'milk-maid and discontented cow'?" --Apeman
 Pushing the Fashion Envelope like never before, Bob proudly displays his bold Purple ensemble. --DoomTrout
 Ok, this is a situation where the phrase "Losing your shirt at the track" takes on an even more nighmareish tinge. --Bucky
 "..and we have a cold front moving in from the east. Now, if you'll look at the sattelite photo, we can see That it will be partially cloudy in Cincinatti, with a 50% chance of rain on Jim." --anon
 You can't kill Giganticus with your feeble Earth weapons! --anon
 Tommy Lasorda -- twelve months after Slim-Fast. --Heath
 He Who Has Just Eaten Gilbert Grape. --Stealth
 If there was ever a validation to the IADL motto "...somebody's got it worse", this is it! --Ratman
 Amahl Farouk hid his power well, but in this photo, we see him mentally materializing a party of dorks to hide from Charles Xavier. --phil
 * ZOINKS! * It's ANOTHER " Scooby Doo " villain! --Doc Evil
 That's a real purdy mouth ya got there boy. --anon
 Aaaaahhhhh!! They shaved Grimace's head!! --Don Spudleone
 "Yep...I am the Hindenburg of sex machines." --The Interrupting Cow
 With Moe and Larry dead and not hitting him in head anymore, Curley really starts enjoying his retirement... --Tillman
 Nowadays, they have to use the extra-large transporter to beam Scotty up. --Riff
 Special glasses are required to compensate for the ultraviolet shift caused by Earl's gravitational force actually bending light rays. --Ngoc van Trimble
 "Jim's my best friend ever. Whenever there's a woman around, I get to stand guard in the corner!" --Ricardo
 I thought that Willy Wonka recalled all those dinner candies that turned you into a blueberry? --Azazael
 Lets see ... numerous Ren Faire pics ... now, a whole roll of pics from the track .... kinda makes ya wonder what sort of life our sources have, don't it???? --Big Dog
 Look at that. A real live Cirinist. Where's her crossbow? --Famous the Aardvark
 West Virginia's entry in the Miss America contest, the year the 'beauty' requirement is waived. --Famous the Aardvark
 Elvis is alive and well and working as a roadblock in Kentucky. --Big Dog
 Suddenly, Paul's girdle gave way. Shock waves are clearly visible in the air as his rebounding girth rapidly exceeds the speed of sound. This picture was the only thing that survived in a 30 foot radius. --Pastor of Muppets
 "Hi, I'm Cletus, your host. Welcome to IADL #229 : Retribution for #223. In a moment, I'll begin the striptease...." --Raven
 Please, Please tell me those aren't two baby feet sticking out from under this man! --Pastor of Muppets
 Lester smirked as a cool breeze made his nipples perky for all to admire. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Good Lord, SpinnWebe, how do you find them? Do you use some kind of lure that attracts goofy weirdoes? --Werehamster
 This picture was taken moments before the alien burst out of his stomach, killing Bert and injuring thirty. --Jenn Dolari
 Gimme a bucket! --Werehamster
 Kyle was having a fine time until Duke Nukem fired the Expander at him. --Werehamster
 I hear there was some good-lookin' wimmin a while ago? You seen 'em? --anon
 Not even one foot-long at this place! Damn liberals! Well, I'm going back to my radio talk show. --anon
 This honestly took a full minute to download on my computer. --John Buchner
 It's hard to type with only one hand. --anon
 Whoa, whoa, whoa, Spinnwebe! Let's keep our sci-fi straight! We've got Jabba to the left, and transporter beams to the right! Something's gotta give! --Shifter
 Uncanny. Simply uncanny. --Jamey "Crisis" Powell
 One more like this and you're coming off my bookmark file, Spinnwebe!! --Bucky

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