IADL #230
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 Gardenias next to pansies? Are you CRAZY? --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Much to my embarrassment, I had no idea what the hell this was until the Warcraft captions began to dominate. So, can I have any sympathy for not having a computer that can run such CDs? Anyone? (sniff) Hello? --phonsux
 As the guard-orcs chopped the window salesman into tiny pieces, the owner realised that they had been a worthy investment --AquaBlue
 GawdDAMN those are ugly Smurfs! --Shifter
 "You know, Grock, we're... you know. Behind. Platemail and axes is SOOOO out of style!" --Magus
 Ugg, turn on jam box! Thag want to Mmm-Bop! --Doc Evil
 Who's that in the Foster Grants? It's Ogg! --Doc Evil
 "Dat da soun' ov da orks, workin' on da chain, <grunt> gaaaaang! Dey al' singin'. . . " --RipperJak
 Similar to the Vietnamese cheap labor at Nike, Pier 1 Imports have been employing Orks as cheap labor for years. --RipperJak
 When the Orks drink too much grog mixed with methadone, they started seeing huge chinchillas which they tried to kill with large pickaxes. --RipperJak
 "No!" cried Princess Piglet to the departing airship. "Don't leave me here! I can't possibly graze on this astroturf!" --Heath
 Ugg! Thag's diahrrea medicine kick in... Quick, build porta-john! --Doc Evil
 Dammit Thag, Play ball where land!!! --Doc Evil
 "Damn norweigan rats! WHAK! WHAK! Always gettin' in da Garden!" --RipperJak
 Ugg... Workin' in coal mine, goin' down-down-down...Ugg, C'mon Thag, sing along! Workin' in... --Doc Evil
 Yeeeeeeeaaahhhhh!!! Smurf massacre! Hoo-Haa! --Doc Evil
 Damn Orcs all look the same to me! --Doc Evil
 "And here we're going to build a charming little terrace with lovely marble flagstones, teak railings, and spikes on which to put the heads of those who have wronged us. It'll be fun!" --tv's Spatch
 Zorg and Nimlok discover a patch of psychedelic mushrooms. Five minutes later, they're both zonked out of their scaly, horned heads, convinced they're actually bored college students sitting in front of a computer. --Shifter
 *Sniff Sniff* "Whoa. You use clear stick, but need better odor protection. Me recommend..." --Magus
 Hmm, maybe it's time I bought the clue book for SimCaption. --alanon
 At first, I thought this was inappropriate. Then again, when I think dysfunctional lives, I think Warcraft, too. --phil
 Working as a groundskeeper at Busch Gardens for a summer job was okay and everything. Tony just wished Bill wouldn't grunt with every swing of his axe, "Sphincter, sphincter, sphincter..." --Ed the Draconian Boss
 The new video game from Keane Enterprises: Nobody can tell what it's supposed to be about. Just a castle with a melon-headed princess, and a pedophile king. --anon
 "Zee Carnival fish iz one of zee most beautiful animals in za sea. Here we can also see the parasitic golfjerk fish, which do little more zan move small white stones around." --phonsux
 "I dunno Grog, let's see if we can make an uglier town hall". --Geekboy
 Spinnwebbe: The Video Game Can you rescue the princess from the Impossible Zone? Look out for the roving Nut Saks! --Tillman
 A pair of Brave's fans practice the 'chop' outside the new stadium. --Bucky
 Well, I would call this 'SimLife', but then I'd be confusing it with my own... --Bucky
 I keep double-clicking on the peasant, but he's not.... oooh, wait, I'm in Netscape.... nevermind. --Bucky
 Wh...is that...no! NO!! IT CAN'T BE!! Urges...coming back! Must...resist...playing...Warcraft II! No...can't resist! ARGH! CURSE YOU FOR RENEWING MY ADDICTION, SPINNWEBE! --Jamey
 "When you're an orc you're an orc all the way, from your first bite of pork to you last dying day." From 'West Realm Story.' --ChAoS
 No peons died in the making of this caption. --ChAoS
 The Orcish Rights Movement had yet to reach some parts of Azeroth. --ChAoS
 Ohmigod! The balloon's floated into ToonTown!! --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Actually, this is the same scene from #221 shot from a helicopter ... --Riff
 The new SimCity 1000 - Midieval times have never been so poorly simulated! --Riff
 "Thog, do you ever feel ... a little ... too fresh?" --Riff
 "Hello flowers, hello birds, hello sun...ARGGH!!!. The drugs are kicking in!" --The Librarian from hell says "just say #$@@##$%^"
 The strange Candyland-esque workings of Spinnwebe's brain. --Colin
 Get me some of what Spinnwebe is on; this is a happy place. --Colin
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wearing medieval armor destroying mushrooms: what is this? --Colin
 In this reality, "Family Circus" is considered holy, and Gary Larson has been executed. --Colin
 "Ever get the feeling that world isn't what wee see, but simply just a pattern of Ones and Zeros combined up to form intricate bitmaps?" "Quit yer thinking...we still got the back forty to plow." --Jenn Dolari
 Hey, I had this dream once. Y'see, the woodcutters represent the human instinct, wearing away at the id... --Thomas Wilde
 The little green men from mars are finally put to good use. Thank god for that rover! --chuckles

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