IADL #231
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 Distessed that Spielberg scrapped plans for "E.T. II", Elliott slips into a deep depression of overeating. --Ratman
 "Ex-cellent, Smithers" --Wildman
 Funny. That doesn't look like chocolate. --RipperJak
 "Mmmm-mmm! The brownies at these NAMBLA meetings are the best! But... I am starting to feel a little woozy..." --Generik
 So, Mr. Bond, we meet again. --anon
 "Hey! This isn't a crunchy cookie cup! I WANT MY CRUNCHY COOKIE CUP!! --RipperJak
 "Long live the New Flesh," he uttered as he bit into the cyanide laced Oreo. --NME
 Jim Henson's Dick Gephardt Babies. --Not Me
 "Melted right in my hand. Thick candy shell, my ass! --RipperJak
 ...How does Pugsly Addams eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup? --Shifter
 Are you sure this isn't another Warcraft II screenshot? --Bucky
 The first chaw of tobacco is a very special time in a boy's life. --DieLifeDie
 "Ya wanna see my tumor?" --DieLifeDie
 That vasectomy looks better every day... --Doc Evil
 After this cookie, your soul shall suffer the same fate! --Skywise
 Disturbingly, the disembodied arm was not visible to anyone at the time the photo was taken. Skree! Skree! Skree! --Shifter
 Prosecution's Exhibit J: final, irrefutable proof that there is no God. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 As his father tried to pull him away, the young Anakin Skywalker just couldn't resist staring up at the seductive Dark Side of The Force. --anon
 I know you enjoy lording over another sucsessfully pulled off kidnapping, but do you really need to post photos of the victim on the net? --Magus
 Gallant stares at the camera in the vent, Goofus crawls into the vent to kneecap the bastard with the camera. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Stevie was having the time of his life, but he wondered how he would explain the escort girls' bill on his dad's credit card. --Big ol' Bob
 The icy hand of death, wearing a very nice watch, snatches Chad from this life to the next... --Tillman
 Daddy, why is that bad man taking my picture? I don't like him, Daddy. Make him go away, Daddy! Whaaaa--! --agm
 Here's how the kid with three arms eats a Resees. --Anonywuss
 A still of young Jaws from Spielberg's upcoming "James Bond Kids". --phil
 Jimmy gives a sheepish grin when he is caught adjusting his dentures in public. --Emil Blovin
 Village of the Dumbed --Emil Blovin
 Life was cruel to the ex-cast of "Small Wonder." --Emil Blovin
 Why is our photographer so calm, even though the android has spotted him? Because the origami swan tells him Edward James Olmos is about to blow the little shit away.... --phil
 Tugging on his chin, the boy removed his mask to reveal the beaming face of Martin Landau. --Emil Blovin
 Haven't quite got the hang of those retractable fangs yet, huh? --Thomas Wilde
 Pinky - are you pondering what I'm pondering? --Riff
 You do realize he had to hang onto the outside of a train to get this shot. --Riff
 Plastic Man snags another criminal mastermind ... --Riff
 DFC: The Movie auditions continue on, despite this youth's near-perfect Hypno-Hair. --tv's (not Impossible Zone in IADL!) Spatch
 As Sid planned the torture and demise of yet another plastic toy, he chuckled softly to himself - blissfully unaware that Gumby's ghost perched behind him, waiting to exact his revenge for the "M-80 Incident." --kristina the astonishing
 "Take it from me...chicks just dig a clean-shaven man." --kristina the astonishing
 Yes, with Playskool's new My First Genetics Experiment Kit, your kids will have hours of fun adding extra limbs and changing the color of their teeth! (This toy has small parts and is not recommended for children under 3.) --Jamey Powell
 Larry's Wednesday night dream: little William. Pensive, frisky, and deadly accurate with a whip. --Ed the Draconian Boss

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