IADL #234
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 Stupid Netscape bookmarks! I pressed 'Spinnewebe' and got alt.binaries.pictures.urine! --Tillman
 It's not the person in the photo. It's the fact that this is the LADIES restroom that freaks me out. --Magus
 Oh my god, it's full of stars! --alanon
 Earl grimaced in pain. Pehaps it wasn't such a good idea to get a tatoo on his testicles. --Tony's Dancing clams
 This is the scene from The Crying Game that the producers didn't want you to see. --toade
 What evil lurks in the bladders of men? The Shadow knows... --Shifter
 If you shake it more than twice, you're playing with it. --Apeman
 "Wow... that looks just like cottage cheese!" --Reed Spacer
 Ozzy Ozbourne leaks his "Crazy Train." --Skywise
 ...And remember: When you touch yourself, the saints cry. Thank you... --Doc Evil
 WHOA!!! That's not my underwear! What th' Hell? --Doc Evil
 With dampening horror, Martin realised that he wasn't gonna get it out in time! --AquaBlue
 Forget the guy pissing, did anybody notice the image of the Virgin Mary on the wall next to him? --alanon
 What part of Warcraft II is this again? --alanon
 Coming up next on FOX: " The Worlds' Most Dangerous Urinal Mishaps! " --Doc Evil
 Crap. The only thing I'm passing this semester is water and gas. --Boner Cunningham
 Sure, laugh at him now, but he's drinking milk, and someday, he's going to bomb your house! --Don Spudleone
 Employees must wash hands before returning to kitchen. Didn't say where. --Mr. Blackwell
 Bathe him and bring him to m- wait... scratch that. --Evil Ed
 ... aaaaaAAAHH!! *clink* Dang kidney stones! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Yes. This is exactly why I bought a computer. Thank you so freakin' much. --Bucky
 "...and with the new 56K technology, any image loads faster... whether you want it to or not." --Bucky
 This has got to be the worst premise for a Mentos commercial I have ever, ever seen!! --Bucky
 Emile De Monsarret, chief scent developer for Chanel. Hard at work. --The Libararian from hell
 Damn cigarette butts get all soggy and hard to light. --Smokin'
 ...and this photo was taken just before Spinn REALLY got his ass kicked. --Lurch
 If you got Aunt "Edna" drunk enough, she would forget about he recent "operation" --Lurch
 The Anti-MatterMan takes a tinkle! --Timmy's FLat Rotting Colon
 Ladies and Gentlemen - the lowest common denominator! --Riff
 MY GOD! Didn't the toilet in the DFC teach you people anything?!? --Emil Blovin
 While holding his left thumb in his right hand, a drunken Abner pisses in his pants. --The Lawyer
 Alt.tasteless, anyone? --Emil Blovin
 My. Brings a whole new meaning to the term "dysfunctional," doesn't it? --Emil Blovin
 *mumble mumble* I'll tell that bitch where she can stick her broom. *mumble mumble* Too busy to get me a beer my ass. *mumble mumble* Don't piss on the carpet. *mumble mumble* --Ice-9
 Bob was running so fast that he shot straight through the bathroom wall. --Ice-9
 Tammy stood in front in the urinal silently hopeing that no one would notice that she had accidently wandered into the men's room by mistake. --SPANK
 Spinn? Spinn? Did I just hear a click?!? If I see that camera when I turn around, you're a dead man... --The Rogue
 Man, what did I drink to produce THAT odor? --Doc Evil
 Thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment made this all possible. Makes your head hurt, don't it? --Tillman
 I can't wait to see what Doc Evil has to say about this... --Thomas Wilde
 I think these locker room interviews are going a little overboard.... --Don Spudleone
 Damn them! They know our secrets now! We CAN pee standing up! --Jenn [two X chromosomes] Dolari
 "...and when I'm done washing my hands, I'll have a lovely pee in the sink." --Stealth
 Feeeeelings....nothing more than feeeeliiings.... --agm
 I have an urge to shoot this guy, then smash the urinal and drink the water that comes out of it. I play way too much Duke Nukem 3D. --Werehamster
 I am Wondar, the faceless keeper of the urinal. None shall piss! --My IADL name

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