IADL #235
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 The worshippers of Cold Cuts fell back, awed, as Brother Bubba pushed the 10-foot submarine sandwich up to the altar with the ritual words: "'Scuse me, folks. Coming through." --leek
 "Auuuugh! It's the Rapture! Quick, get Magus out of the bar before God comes!" --Ralph
 From the creative minds behind Touched by an Angel and Cheers... What happens when a pan-mythological entity inherits a New York Bar? The laughs ensue! Catch Jehovah's Joint this fall on the WB! --Emil Blovin
 'The Last Supper' viewed from a different angle --Magus
 While the crowd stood captivated at the sudden appearance of Jesus, Harvey quietly played with himself. --Magus
 The Bar Mitzvah scene deleted from 'The Godfather Part IV' --Tillman
 "OW! SHIT! Bucko, you throw any more darts in here, and I'm shovin' your head into the Ms. Pacman!" --Tillman
 First Annual Heaven's Gate Reunion --Ant_Toe_Knee
 Goddammit Phil, not another nuclear holocaust! I just had my hair done, and lemme tell you sweetie, it was not cheap! --toade
 "Don't anybody move! I just lost a contact!" --RipperJak
 The drunken crowd didn't even look up when an elder god descended and joined the festivities. --Emil Blovin
 Seeing the bright light of the nuclear blast in the distance, Jon decided to order the Tequila Suicide after all. --Emil Blovin
 "People? PEOPLE! Can I have your attention? Nevermind the Second Coming of the Messiah! Look at ME! See the red shirt? Hello?!" --phonsux
 Instead of an Appirition of Mary, mother of Jesus, the congregation was entertained by an apparition of some fat guy named Earl. --Jenn Dolari
 In a crowded press-conference, the Sun announces his retirement. --Jenn Dolari
 Jeez, those Diana condolence books are showing up everywhere, aren't they? --Colin
 They're holding their Black Mass in the Difficult Zone! Can they do that? --Thomas Wilde
 Meanwhile, Jeremy, in the corner, realizes that he's dressed all wrong for this party. --Thomas Wilde
 Welcome to the First Annual Difficult Zone Auction. Our first item up for bids is a genuine Red-Asterisked Nut Sak made from Soylent Green, autographed by Jeffy Keane. I'll start the bidding at 35 Stupid Zone captions.... --agm
 Even Dylan's death did not stop his handlers from propping him up with guitar and microphone in front of audiences at small venues across the country. --Luke Styer
 The Thief, The Cook, His Wife, Her Lover and a Whole Shitload of Extras. --Boner Cunningham
 From the hit film My Dinner With God. --Riff
 All this and more coming up tonight on The Backs of People's Heads Show! --Riff
 Zoey always stood out at goth clubs after she accidentally put too much bleach in her laundry ... --Riff
 Hmmmn. She doesn't seem quite Doc Evil's type, so maybe I've got a shot ... Bathe her, and bring her to me!! --Riff
 After all, it wasn't every day that God showed up to poetry night at Barnes & Nobles. --Shifter
 I see the light! The BAND, Elwood, the band!!! --The Rogue
 You're wife -- she's a goer, eh? Know what I mean, nudge nudge? --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 I told you starting a family buffet restaurant in Mormon territory was a bad idea! This family alone is gonna ruin us! --anon
 "The light of god shines down upon the church gathering. AND STRIKES THEM DEAD!" from the book 'When God gets Drunk.' --ChAoS
 My fellow colonists, Is it not tru that we are being destroyed by the tyranical King George? --Terminus
 The room fell silent. The caller spoke. "B 22". There was a brief shuffling of chits. Ed Farber from toledo had just bitten into a peanutbutter candy. All he could get out was "Riingo...Rrrinngo..." --Willie wont go home
 Great, I go from a guy pissing in a urinal to a fancy dress-party. Talk about your topical whiplash! I gotta lie down. --Bucky
 Danny came slowly down the staircase, feeling oddly out of place. Then it hit him: He'd come to the show without his duck. --Bucky
 Larry's Raiders of the Lost Ark bar mitzva was great fun... up to the point people started melting, of course. --Shifter
 Club Sprockets --Ngoc van Trimble
 The Borg: all dressed up and no one to assimiliate. --DieLifeDie
 From the makers of Where's Waldo: Phind Phranc. --Orrin Bloquy
 Renoir's judicial paintings meet Magic: The Gathering geeks. --tv's Spatch
 Drop... and cover. Words to live by, for nuclear holocaust survival. --Ralph

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