IADL #236
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 Having carefully set the slacker decoys in place, the duck waited patiently. --Ignacio Narbondo
 "Briefs. You?" --Thany
 Once a mighty cultural phenomenon, Jonathan Livingston Seagull now makes a pitiful living as a duck imposter. --not elsie
 "Bill - duck." He would have replied, "yeah, I see the duck," but then the frisbee struck his larynx. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 "Hey, you people! Make captions about ME for once! Yeah, me, the duck! I'm the star! ME ME ME ME ME!" --Magus
 Perhaps the worst part of Clerks II was a guest appearance by Howard the Duck. --alanon
 Someday, when Bob had learned how to wear a hat properly, he would be the one sitting in the cheap foldable chair instead of Phil. --RipperJak
 "I went and threw six hundred fifty-three pennies in this fountain, and no good-lookin' nekkid wimmen have walked by yet! Wishing wells are a gyp!" --Thomas Wilde
 Public defecation is all the rage at the wild 'n' crazy Indiana U. campus. --Preparation HBO
 You know it's a bad sign when the most alert-looking individual in the shot is a friggin' seagull. --Geoduck
 Murray and Bob remained absolutely still. They had heard about the killer ducks moving North from Florida but they wern't prepared to meet one so soon. The duck moved closer.... --Willie won't go home
 It started out as a cool vacation. Just the three guys and a camaro. Heading for Miami. Then Billy did some bad asid, totaled the car and started to dress up as a duck. "I'm quacking up. I'm quacking up" he repeated over and over. --Willie won't go home
 They looked the other way, not daring to breathe. The bird took another step forward. A few more inches, and there would be meat on the table tonight! --Emil Blovin
 These public art sculptures get more bizarre each year... --Emil "Home of the Giant Foot" Blovin
 Encyclopedia Brown looked up from the photograph. "The answer's easy, Dad. They're slackers. They wouldn't have the foresight or energy to bring a lawn chair to the park." --Emil Blovin
 Bernie, the evil Duckling, scans the crowd and finds two new victims for "Plan 24." --Jenn Dolari
 Bernie and Ricardo, in an act of defiance, shuns the water fountain display. --Jenn Dolari
 These Fremen sietch meetings just aren't what they used to be after Muad'Dib made rain. --Jenn Dolari
 Ah, another lazy day, just kickin' back at the public open septic tank. --Shifter
 Damn! I thought these guys said they were going to pick up some gulls! --Luna
 Saddest case of unrequited love you ever saw. Wherever Scott went, you'd see her, waddling along behind him, hoping someday he would notice her. --Luna
 Oh, like that cap is some kinda disguise, Mr. Street-Lamp Head! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 If I could fuck a duck, I would. But I can't. Damn those oppressive city ordinances! --Pastor of Muppets
 The composition is good with lines leading into the frame and then about it. But, damnit, I hate ducks. --phonsux
 Another well dressed specimen: Nothing says style and paniche like a backwards cap, black shoes, white sox and bermudas. --phonsux
 Just remember, Jim, you owe me 5 dollars for every Not-so-fresh feeling caption, 10 for Bud Light captions, 15 for gay capt... --Haze
 I've said it before, I'll say it again. Snipers DREAM of views like this. --Skywise
 Suddenly, Bernie the Scatterbrained Seagull came to a horrid realization.........I'm in Arkansas! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 This week on Saved By the Bell: the College Years: Zack and Slater, in a desperate attempt to land a date for the Friday night social, start hitting on ducks and squirrels at the local park... And they still get shot down. --toade
 Two days before the concert, Lance & Tony stake out the best seats for the Marky Mark Come-Back Tour. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 "You know," said Bill, "I've been thinkin'. Damn good thing we got off that gold standard." "Yeah," said Dave, taking another swallow of beer, "that sucks." --Ed the Draconian Boss
 The "When animals attack!" people are really losing their edge. --DieLifeDie
 <sigh> Where to go.... what to do.... SHIT! I knew we shoulda asked that old man! --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Ignoring a wealth of knowledge gleemed from countless Friday the 13th movies, Bob and Dick turned their backs on the murky depths. --Meathead
 While in New York, don't forget to visit the world's largest toilet. --Apeman
 From the makers of Phind Phranc: Where's R2D2? --Shifter (A: he's at the back of the line)
 Slowly, slowly walk over to the schmuck on the chair, then peck his kneecaps off HA HA HA. Aw, screw it. I'll just eat some worms. --Don Joshua
 A simple twist, and the quacking ended. Andy turned to his friend, who was going on about some damn thing... --Plastic Elvis Pants

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