IADL #237
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 Moments later, the boy on the right would be lying in several pieces in the garbage can. The woman in black is still missing. If you have any information concerning this case, please dial (555) End-Crime. --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 After saying "So, do ya want this fuckin' Watchtower or not?!" to everybody on the block, Bill decides Darlene wasn't Jehovah Witness material... --Tillman
 The itching., the burning... --Doc Evil
 This fall on NBC, "Shelly and The Pimp." See how Shelly, a wacky over-aged prostitute, deals with her new roommate - a teenage pimp and drug pusher! "Like the Odd Couple after a couple of bong hits," says Bob Boner of Entertainment Feebly! Don't miss it! --Evil Ed
 While Hans watched, Inga tried out her newest number -- the "Bored Loser Polka". --phil
 Red knew that Jane had always marched to the beat of a different drummer. The full realization of just how different had eluded him... until today. --DoomTrout
 Jodie, young sister of John Cleese, does her Silly Pubic Scratch --Rippe. . . No, I don't want responsibility for this
 As she pulled the 45 magnum out from her crotch holster, SpinWebe realized this most perfect of IADL shots would cost him dearly. --not elsie
 Warhol said we'd each get fifteen minutes of fame.. he didn't say that we'd necessarily like them. --Bucky
 ..c'mon! everybody now!..."down on tha cornah, out in the street, Benny and the Pope boys are playin', grab a nick-el, tap yer feet!!!" --porn monkey
 Having squandered all of John's money, Yoko and Sean have to wait for the bus like everyone else... --Tillman
 How many times do I hafta tell ya? Adhesive side goes down, Ma! --NME
 Ma, wouldja quit tryin' to put a curse on the park ranger? --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 You know, I can think of at least 10 different pieces of evidence in this picture that this woman was once a man. --Magus
 Sorry, Linda, Simon didn't say scratch your groin in front of the camera like an idiot. You're out. --alanon
 Goth Woman and Captain Frisbee sense a crime being committed in the city. --alanon
 In this still from Richard Linklater's "I Dream of Jeneane," Scott has just rubbed the magic dumpster and Jeneane leaps out shortly before stubbing her Camel out in his dorky face. --SoonToBeAMajorDirectToVideo
 She's a disaffected art student, he's a happy-go-lucky bicycle cop in UPN's latest comedy "Black and Blue", coming this October to a crappy affiliate near you! --tv's Spatch
 Excuse me, Sir, but have you seen my eyes? --Werehamster
 "I can smoke, hop up and down on one foot, and scratch my balls at the same time!" "Yeah, yeah, I'm so impressed, Bobcat. Now about this Police Academy reunion gig..." --Stealth
 Paul Chaplin looks on as Mary Jo Pehl scratches a private itch at MST3K's Convention-con-expo-fest-a-rama. --Jenn Dolari
 She was the embodiment of a moonless night, he was the personification of a clear, sunny day. Somehow, they made it work. --Shifter
 Cheryl is so Goth, she actually exudes rays of darkness and depresses people around her. --Jenn Dolari
 "*sigh*, Liebchen, I am so bored!" "There there mistress, let me apply this salve to thy cancorous bowels." --anon
 Jenny practices her morris dancing while waiting for the bus. --Cabin Boy
 GothGirl sucks in shadows from all around! --hippie
 When no one was looking, Stella would do the Tush Push while her son Harold accompanied on air bagpipes. --RipperJak
 Man, the American Lung Association is really hitting hard with the anit-tobacco commmercials. Yeech. --phonsux
 "No, no! The instructions say 'you put your left foot in, you put your left foot out..." --I lost my colostomy bag
 New from Miller's Analogies: Savoir faire:this Goth chick::nice legs:dudes in baby blue t-shirts --phil:work::fish:bicycle
 Sheila tries desperately to keep from giving birth until she finishes her cigarette, while Jim holds her beer and frisbee. --scary mary
 Grab your crotch and raise your leg, HEEEEEEY Macarena! --Don Joshua
 "Hey Spinn! I got yer caption right here! --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Nice shoes! Wanna fuck? --Skywise
 Ralph and Maggie were soon to learn their nuclear 'lean-to' would not be sufficent shielding. --Skywise
 Rare shot of Ewok extras from Return of the Jedi 'cutting loose.' --Skywise
 Bob takes his radio controlled cybernetic crack whore out for a spin. --Ngoc van Trimble

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