IADL #240
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 "*HURK, HARF!* WHEW! That's the last time I buy the 10 cent sushi. Ugh..." --Magus
 "The bridge is alive...with the sound of music!" --R.J.M.
 Alice had ignored all the signs... the flaming bush... the bleeding obervation deck... Spinn was coming, and there was nothing she could do about it. --macb3t
 The fabled "Great Wall of Chinatown" --macb3th
 As the football game progressed Jamie realized that next time she would get better seats...or bring oxygen. --R.J.M.
 Thanks, Mister Parker! Your secret is safe with me! --alanon
 My God! From this view, it looks like this town was built by the lowest bidder! --RipperJak
 The back of the line for the ferris wheel in the next frame. (Nine-hour wait from this point.) --Heath
 Your mother was a hampster, and your father smelt of elderberries! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Fly lesbian seagull............. --AquaBlue
 Most radio stations have a traffic helicopter...the ones who can't afford it have someone hang around near the pay phone at the observation deck. --Jim Ellwanger
 I can see the Cubs losing from up here! --Don Spudleone
 "Top o' the wall, ma! Top o' the wall!" --Bucky
 Just for fun, a member of Paul Shaffer's band throws David Letterman from the five-storey tower. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 It it just me, or is this woman breathing a fireball onto an unspecting village below? --Riff
 More railing-humpers? Where do you find these people? --Riff
 "Oopsie! Baby go boom! Now I finally can go play video poker WHENEVER I FUCKING FEEL LIKE IT!!!" --Tillman
 Oh, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Ro-- HEY, YOU! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY CAR! --agm
 "See! The world is flat! You owe me dinner, camera boy!" --Thomas Wilde
 Stan may have been the Lord of All He Surveys, but he was still wearing a kilt. --anon
 Not a good time to play Van Halen's "Jump"... --Emil Blovin
 She couldn't help it...she heaved uncontrollably at the very mention of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. --Jenn Dolari
 Sigh. Where's a water balloon and some pressurized paint when you need it? she wondered. --phonsux
 "Whoops. Next time I'll hafta remember this isn't the best place to play fetch with the dog." --Shifter
 "Riiiiiiiiicolaaaaaaaa" --alt.fan.spinnwebe
 After their tragic parting kiss atop the Daily Planet building, Lois notices Superman had put his shorts on backward again. --Brainiac
 Standing on the observation deck, Grigori wondered if Mir's orbit had begun to decay again. --Orrin Bloquy
 Lost still from the unsuccessful Barbra Streisand film "On a clear day, you can see to Trenton." --Rex Reed
 Lemuel Gulliver returned to Lilliput only to find they had grossly miscalculated the height necessary to build a wall to keep him out. That day would be recorded in the annals as Squish-day. --Quinbus Olestrin
 We've all heard of the "Wailing Wall" ... well, this is the slightly less-known "Dry Hump Wall". --Heckler
 A resident of Los Angeles decides to get a better view of Godzilla ravaging the suburbs. --RipperJak
 "So I was telling the clerk that no way was I going to buy that llama-wool skirt when...I'm not driving you crazy with my incessant chatter, am I, Dave? Dave? Dave? Dave!" --Stealth
 World's Worst Babysitter, part III. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 But on the bright side, how often do you get tickets for U2 for only $3.99? --Ed the Draconian Boss
 Few people know that the Santa Maria was actually made of cement. --Ed the Draconian Boss

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