IADL #241
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 ...and the most popular ride at Yuppie-land...jacuzzi ferris wheel! --R.J.M.
 With Kodak Advantix, your "Elvis sighting at disneyland" pictures will be a little more believable. --Versace
 "First day, we have happy good time at Six Flag, take picture of large wheel, too bad too small to ride!" - Day 4 of the Hirobushi family vacation travel log. --Rico Suavé.. drives a '92 Subaru
 "So tell me one more time, how do they shrink the Ferris Wheel umbrellas to fit into those funny pink glasses at Hawaiian bars again?" --helen keller
 Say what you will, this picture still makes more sense than Lost Highway . --anon
 I didn't know ' Little Debbie ' had a theme park... No one tells me a damn thing anymore! --Doc Evil
 Amusement just isn't amusing anymore - *sigh* - ever since Zippy left ... --Namgubed the Merry Pinhead
 The Mosquito family was having a great time at the theme park, until their unfortunate decision to board the Wheel o' BugZappers. --leek
 "Hell, no, yer not tall enough to ride this! No one is! Do you see anybody on it? No, you don't! AND YOU NEVER WILL! AH, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" --Tillman
 McDonald's experimental 'Ferris-Thru' restaurant was beleaguered by logistical problems. --Heath
 ... and he tumbles into town with his buddies, Mr. Octopus and Cyclotron in the zany new Ferris Wheel's Day Off ! Coming soon to a theater near you! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Damn is this picture monotonous or what? --AquaBlue
 Aiieeeee!!! The bracken is rising up to destroy us al!! --My IADL name
 "Management suggests you use the time whilst stuck on the Ferris Wheel to get to know your family better." --Bucky
 Faced with severe budget cutbacks, NASA is forced to skimp on certain parts of the physical stress test. --Bucky
 Here's a tip. Never combine the spinning teacups and the ferris wheel, or you'll get one hell of a mess. --RipperJak
 The combination Waring blender/ferris wheel ride didn't last long... --The Libarian from hell with 'rides that we really want our children on'
 A giant ferris wheel breaks loose and rolls around crushing people. --ChAoS
 And this is dysfunctional ... how? Jeez, Spinn's not even trying anymore, is he? --Riff
 Looks like a Jetsons-style parking garage. --Riff
 Suddenly, Bernard's excessive flatulence kicks in. --RipperJak
 In the year of "Honesty in Advertisement", Disney unveils their newest ride; The Stomach Turnover. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Woah! One Coney Island dog, coming right up! --anon
 Urp....mental <ugh!> note....Stay away from <urk!> Ed's Homemade <gack!> Scrumpy. --Bad Cider!
 I see that Spinn has hired my grandmother to do his photo work for him ... she's always taking pictures of the tops of our heads... --Heckler
 The spectators on the ferris wheel get a good view of the giant tribble attacking the park. --RipperJak
 Six Flag's new House-The-Homeless project. --Stealth

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