IADL #242
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 Is this what they mean by " Getting a glow on "? Just curious... --Doc Evil
 "Look, Little Miss Epilepsy, I'll turn off my strobe light when this subway gets to Madison and not a second sooner. Sheesh. You petite mal brats give me an itch!" --helen keller
 As the glowing matrix engulfed Karen, she realized that she'd probably confused "teaspoons" with "quarts" on the cough syrup bottle... --macb3th
 Music video for U2's "Staring At The Sun" --macb3th
 A photo from the latest Mind's Eye Theater game, Commuters: the Ascension. --Thomas Wilde
 Lower mammals are often hypnotized with bright lights --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 And lo did the spice, Melange, change Elli, expanding her consciousness, and the connection between the spice and the Great Maker was made evident. Or was that acid and the pimp? She couldn't remember.... --Jenn "Why, yes, I'm reading Dune...why do you ask?" Dolari
 She's riding the subway....to heaven. --Skywise
 Come into the light, Carol Ann. Oh, and bring exact change. --alanon
 Lord Sarnak passes on the Glowing Blade to the new holder. Lord Tammy Smith. --Evil Ed
 Oh, damn, I guess the sun DOES shine outta your ass, Bob. --Evil Ed
 And now, my young apprentice, I shall pass on my magic silver scepter to you. Use its power wisely. --Riff
 I sure hope this train speeds up, or they're gonna start the "Urban Trancendentalists" convention without me! --Riff
 For tourists it was big deal, but the native New Yorkers hated it when the subway did a "wheelie"... --Tillman
 "Is that you, God? It's me, Marge." --Emil Blovin
 The subway that descended to Hell was surprisingly well-lit. --Emil Blovin
 "Oddly enough," Hawk said during the briefing, "Zartan's face is blurred in every known photograph." --Thomas Wilde
 "Awwww, ssssshit!" Shonica thought to herself "...of all the times for the Rapture, why when I'm wearing this fuckin' hat?" --Heckler
 New from SpinnWebe: The Schwing Cam! --NME
 Dude, don't say 'pigfucker' to Jesus! --anon
 Suddenly, Jenny had an idea so startlingly brilliant that her head actually achieved nuclear fission. --Shifter
 Heh heh huh pole heh heh heh he said 'pole' huh huh heh pole heh --agm
 ...And our next item is this pair of beautiful staple earrings, only $14.98. The first fifty orders get a special shrunken head pinky ring absolutely free, so act now! --Jamey "Quacky" Powell
 Touched by an angel that looks like a fish. --My silly li'l IADL name
 Suddenly a magical light appeared, turning Claire Danes into a man and Tim Medows into a woman. Then it disappeared, leaving them both confused but generally pleased with the situation. --My IADL name
 A scary moment from The Disembodied Hand That Rides on El Cars And Also Sometimes Disembowels People --Horselover Fat
 Claire took the cancellation of My So-Called Life incredibly hard and ended up wandering the subways, spouting lines like "You just don't get it" and "Fourth period was harsh" to anybody who'd listen. --tv's Spatch
 Oddly, instead of the Virgin Mary, the crowd was instead amazed by the appearance of the Crack-Whore, Terry. --Magus
 Everyone watched as Melissa burned the subway pervert to a cinder with nothing more than a mere thought. --Moe The Maneater
 "Exact change? Yeah, I got your exact change right here! I'm the fucking Messiah, asshole!" --Merrily burning in hell
 "Oh, I do love you too, Disembodied Hand." --anon
 Look. I told you, already, I am NOT the Crow, okay? Now leave me the hell alone. --The Rogue
 Mitzy, the human mannequin on her way to work. --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 Hey, it's one of those kids from Hansen! Come here, ya punk, and let me Mmmmmm Bop you upside the head! --Don Spudleone
 "Man, I hate these fucking MTV 'The Real World' auditions." --Stealth
 Muffy and Takisha know that when the first atomic flash goes off, it's time to... Duck! and Cover! --Generik
 On the next exciting episode of Voyager - The crew must beam down into a modern-day subway to be sure it makes the 3:05 on time. Witness the excitement as future and present modes of mass transit collide! Only on UPN! --Prune Danish
 Hookers! Rudy's Train Full o' Hookers! All sizes, shapes, colors! Everybody gets laid on Rudy's! Coming to a subway station near you! --Reed Spacer
 Here you are, Young Skywalker. Take this lightsaber and fight the forces of darkness... Oh, and uh, stop by Vinnie's Deli and get me a ham on rye. --Azazael
 From Fiona Apple's latest music video, "Get the Fuck Off My Foot, Peckerhead"... --Tillman
 "I'm huge!" --Thany Servo

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