IADL #244
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 Things get wild during the Amish Fall Festival. --R.J.M.
 What the hell is this? The Neverland Ranch after 10 p.m.? --Thomas Wilde
 We're in the middle of a K.D. Lang fantasy! --Doc Evil ( But *I* like it, too! )
 I can't believe you talked me into the "spank a scantily clad woman" booth! Charity sucks! --Rico Suavé... never the perv
 What are they bitching about? The hazing at West Point isn't that bad, see? --anon
 This is a still from the controversial episode of Wishbone that will, I hope, remain unaired. --Werehamster
 "Wait a second. I'M the village idiot here. You SURE they hired you?" --Magus
 Wear an ugly bathing suit in Saudi Arabia, and you get put in stocks. It's the law. --RipperJak
 And nooooww: The spankings! --Doc evil
 I don't know what disturbs me more ....... the apparent age of these girls and the situation they're in, or the fact that their Dad is sitting in the front row stroking himself. --Heckler
 Why does this thing have a " Suggestion Box "? --Doc Evil
 What're you in for? Heresy? Me too! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Enough! Now bring them to me! --Namgubed "worth a try" the Merry Elf
 "Jeez, Heather! When they say 'no horseplay or splashing' at this pool, they by God MEAN IT!" --Tillman
 "Throw a pie at the prepubescent girl of your choice! Only a dollar! C'mon folks, all proceeds go to the prevention of cruelty to animals!" --Tillman
 And here we see tonight's entertainment at the Kennedy Compound. --tv's "hey, I voted for Ted" Spatch
 To hell with the fake wizards and crones, this is the part of the Ren Faire I like! --tv's Spatch
 South Carolina's response to flashdancers. --Stealth
 Wet T-shirt contests in the middle ages were much, much more kinky. --Emil Blovin
 Uh, excuse me, this picture came from a fantasy I had last Wednesday. Could you take it down? --phil
 Lost and severly dehydrated, two sunbathers unwittingly wander into Amish country. --anon
 Just one of the many fun attractions at Roman Polanski's "Make-A-Circus". --Generik
 The tragedy of kids who are caught peeing in the Salem Municipal Plunge. --Boner Cunningham
 If the Marquis de Sade was Lord of the Dance. --Jenn Dolari
 Never, but NEVER, mess with Rennaisance Faire carnys. --Jenn Dolari
 The ultimate in bondage: Stocks in the front, wedgies in the back. --Jenn Dolari
 Man, when those guys said they'd go midieval on our asses, I didn't think they meant it literally! --Riff
 Tell me, Toshika. Do these bracelets make my butt look big? --Riff
 In today's stock news, Consolidated Tush went up four points..... --helen keller, blind mute deaf broker
 Some of the Merry Men got a little too Merry one night, and spend the following day in the stocks for cross-dressing. --macb3th
 These two lovely ladies are demonstrating the newest rage in France: "Guillotines Built For Two" --macb3th
 Salem...you've come a long way, baby! --anonymous
 The latest and most disturbing addition to the Miss America Pageant. --Agent Todd
 "Step right up! Spank the virgins! Only 50 cents! Steeep right up!" --Big ol' Bob
 At the premiere of the new Russ Meyers film "Underage Stockade Bitches". --smilindog
 "Hey Edna! If I ever get out of here, I'm gonna kick yer ass!" --alt.fan.spinnwebe needs posts!
 This is what great many . . . a great many teachers throughout america would like to see . . . corporal punishment brought back to the classroom. Believe me, I know. I know. --phonsux
 "And now, Mark Wholers of the Atlanta Braves will demonstrate his uncanny accuracy and 100mph fastball with this basket of rotten tomatoes. Mr. Wholers, if you please?" --Bucky

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