IADL #249
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 Well, I'm never letting that old man wash my white shirt again! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Greg and Mickie had finished the written exam. Now for the real test...The Osmonds concert! Becoming a Mormon was harder than they thought! --Tillman
 No one has to be too subtle when spying on Ron Howard. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Bob's joy was overflowing! At last his divorce from the 50 foot tall bitch was through! --The Libarian from hell
 These new dolls they're making are finally anatomically correct -- right down to his balding head and her knobby knees. --Ratman
 Florence proudly displayed her Popeil "Pocket Yuppie" to anyone who would listen. --Death To The Middle Class
 Jim clapped his hands with joy. His pre-arranged Moonie wife was a BABE! --Tillman
 Veronica and Archie arrive at the Riverdale High reunion. --Jim Ellwanger
 A fresh Pygmie will have firm thighs and smell distinctly of cantaloup. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 New from our fall collection - a dress made entirely out of dead leaves! --Riff
 I don't know exactly what that giant hand is doing, but he sure seems to be enjoying it! --Riff
  Nobody noticed the angered Satan tattoo on her right knee until it was too late ... --Riff
 Here's a tip: When crossdressing, make sure you don't wear a short skirt. That is, unless you shave your legs. --RipperJak
 Attack of the 50ft woman pickpocket. --shirleydoo
 WEEKLY WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! A pregnant Cher weds dad Charles Grodin in secret Las Vegas ceremony!! Melanie Griffith and Dennis Miller are honor attendents! -- see page 16 for complete photo album --Heckler
 "I'm crushing your leg! I'm crushing your leg!" --Heath
 The Giantess Elena had another little man to play with... and she had him right where she wanted him! --Generik
 Normally, this signal means a curve ball low and outside ... in this case, however, it means "Hey, check out Baldy and BigHips!" --Heckler
 Piettra was actually a very slender girl ... she just liked to earn extra money by smuggling underage midgets into the track. --Heckler
 ....that's right folks, you too can untie the knot at Jim Adler's "Walk-Thru Divorces" ... just look at this pair of satified customers... --Heckler
 Albert was very fond of that banana ... so much so, that he took carrying it with him everywhere he went. Eventually, Monica started carrying around a divorce decree, just waiting for him to put the banana down long enough to sign it. --Heckler
 Phil begins to suspect something when Moira returns with a mysterious smile--despite the third degree carpet burns on her knees. --Ngoc van Trimble

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