IADL #250
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 The Wishkah High Home Ec. class takes a field trip to a sweatshop, forcing many of the girls to decide on prostitution as a career. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Fame! -- We're gonna lounge forever... --phil(!)
 Tourists still come to gaze at the notorious sixth floor Texas Book Depository window, which has been relocated to ground level on the grassy knoll in a last ditch attempt to support the Warren Commission's conclusions --mutantdog
 Detention students are closely studied by the Breakfast Club wanna-be clique. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 "Yeah, maybe you like it, but I'm thinkin' about quittin'. The pay sucks, and if they make us sing that 'I Luv You' song again, so help me I'll..." --Magus
 And over here, kids, is the Williamsburg Colonial Times CrackHouse that is still being used today! --toade
 "Wow. Professor Goldberg's really goin' at nurse Nancy in there!" --Magus
 For a taste of the wild life, Heather, Dawn, Allee and Megan decide to head to a rival suburb and brazenly flaunt peeping tom laws. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 Alas, the low-budget sequel "Pane Gawking" didn't do as well as its predecessor. --Heckler
 One GOOD thing about being the only guy to attend the Lilleth Faire, it's easy to muscle your way to the front of the concession line. --Lametry
 Roxie awoke from her sleepwalk to realize her nightmare had come true ... she was wearing only a bath towel as a skirt ... fortunately, it didn't clash too badly with her blouse. --Heckler
 "Oh darn! We've missed the last train to Clarksville!" --The Librarian from hell shows his age
 "but, but, but..." Spinn objected. Suddenly, inspiration hit him! --Heath
 On the schoolyard set of the less-successful Watch Your Back, Kotter. --Ratman
 Only a select few students knew when to peek in on Dr. Purvy's Health class. --NME
 Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" remade for the 90's. Instead of Jimmy Stewart and Raymond Burr, Tommy Lee Jones is terrorized by the kids from Calvin Klein ads --Tillman
 IADL critics agree: Nothing is actually really happening here that we can really comment about. --He-man
 Bangcock's Least Favorite Bordello : House Of Nerdy Nymphs --not elsie
 Rejects from the casting call for Teenage Mutant Ninja Flashdancers. --Stealth
 Given that it was Lucy's "first time", her girlfriends were quick to coach her through the more awkward moments. --Stealth
 This crowd is about to learn the hard way to never turn your backs on a walking broomstick. --Riff
 Here a young Bill Gates charges neighborhood kids admission to watch him fellate himself. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Bob decided to spruce up his public-access fly-fishing show with a glass-walled studio, a la the Today Show, with less than inspiring results. --NaToth
 Someone's barfing Lord, Kum-By-Yaaaa... --Doc Evil
 The dyke, crack-whore, flatulent grandpa and the subway pervert await their IADL paycheck after a hard week of posing. --Godot
 Although Mr. Feltz was having a wonderful bit of sex with the French teacher, he couldn't get over the feeling they they were being watched. --anon
 "Are you sure this is how you're supposed to audit a class?" --E. Bob Buell

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