IADL #251
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 Uhhhh... Okay! first word, sounds like... Damn! I can't play this for shit! --Doc Evil
 "... Ahh, forget it! I'm just no good at sex fantasies." --Magus
 I sense a great disturbance within the force... what the hell are you putting in my coffee?!?! --StinkyMonky
 Kaffi Al Feruk, high preist of the Thugge Cult, local 235, concentrates fiercly, in preparation to concocting his famous, double mocha, paracardium smoothie. --Grendel
 "Hey! Is that the Rapture??? Oh, just a little ceiling lamp. My mistake. I always do that. So... what toppings did you want again?" --Bucky
 Can't decide on a drink? Let Glenda the good fairy come down from above and help you choose! --Jenn Dolari
 "Yeah, no bagel -- just spread the cream cheese through here..." --phil
 Bob was famous among cafeteria waitresses all across Iowa, for his uncanny ability to predict which flavor of Jello would be served that day --mutantdog
 Jill telepathically transfers her Orange Julius sinus freeze headache to Gary. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 After trying seventy-seven different variations on the order "mocha delight with extra nutmeg", Bill remembered that the coffee shop with the whorehouse in the back was two blocks down. --Thany
 Newbomb Turk, fifty and divorced, still knocked them dead with his impromptu performances of "Volare." --Le Petomaine
 "Ha! You puny mortals are no match for my mind control abilities! Eh? Where's everyone going?" --RipperJak
 "And now, I shall smite this insolent Starbuck's clerk with a lightning bolt from my third eye." --RipperJak
 Anthony uses his telekinetic powers and $4.95 to get a cappuchino at the local coffee shop. --Tony's Dancing Clams
 Bill can never remember if it's cafe mocha or cafe latte that he likes better, so occasionally he just has to reach into his brain to check. --Tony's Dancing Clams
 Hank hides his face in embarassment as his untrendy wife orders a plain coffee, which no self respecting yuppie in thier right mind would even consider. --Tony's Dancing Clams
 Upon discovering he was two bucks short, Herb immediately began to polish his bald dome. The resulting reflection of light from the overhead lamp killed the store clerk immediately. --Thomas Wilde
 Here at Starbucks customers who hold up the line have cleavers dropped on them from the ceiling. --Tony's Dancing Clams
 THREE BUCKS for COFFEE !?! Man, I've been in prison too long! --not elsie
 Your card was the nine of heart...the seven of spades...ten of clubs.....wait ...come back...i'll get it right this time. --Waldo
 Wow! On a clear day, you can see the menu! --Riff
 If you can't take the light, get out of the cafeteria! --Riff
 It's Salsbury steak day? Kick-ass! --Riff
 And then Father Monaghan tears away his face to reveal Tom Cruise from Mission: Impossible. --Godot
 Yuppie-Bot 2.9 scans a room for more people to turn on to Yanni. --Skywise
 Wally discovers that the Wow-I-Could-Have-Had-A-V8 gesture still doesn't attract babes. --Heath
 "Uhh, let's see...I gave the bartender a twenty. Your fourth drink cost 4 bucks. That altogether makes 16 bucks. I have 4 bucks in my hand, a fifty in my wallet. That's 54 bucks. You want 50 for the blowjob. I'll need 4 bucks for a taxi home...Hey! I'm all set! --Tillman
 Dan gets a telepathic message from his wife..."Just bring me the bagels, you little worm, and quit looking at that girl's butt!" --Tillman
 Twenty bucks will keep me from following you around and doing my Richard Lewis impression. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 "I'm getting the answer... it's coming to me... it's a guava smoothie!" -- Bill, the Juice Psychic --Emil Blovin
 Psychic Sam, seconds before doubling over in pain after accurately guessing the weight of Prone-to-Violence Penny. --Jizmo the Wonder Horse
 George and Diane debate the kosherness of Twinkies as a Hanukkah gift for Jerry Seinfeld. --Stealth
 Pants! I forgot my pants again! --John Buchner
 "God DAMN it!" Jerry thought, "She's ordering the expensive biscotti AGAIN!" He knew, at that moment, that Priscilla had only a few short hours left to live... --Generik
 The noise from Maria slurping the last of her frappucino was enough to send Marty spinning into the ninth circle of migraine hell. --Generik
 Hmmm...You will meet a tall dark stranger, and buy him a cookie! --Col. Lingus
 Jason realized that playing 'peek-a-boo' with the casier wasn't nearly as fun as playing it with either his 1-year-old son or the mall security guard. --The Unmasked Revenger
 "Funny," Belinda thought, "he looked OK at 2AM this morning at 'Stockman's Bar,' but now that he's buying me breakfast this morning...ugh...I gotta quit power-slamming kamakazes." --The Unmasked Revenger
 Larry made it all the way to the bakery before he realized he'd shed his antlers. Don't you hate when that happens? --Shifter
 "I'm crushing my head. Crush! Crush!" --RipperJak
 Wait, he's getting brainfreeze before he gets the frappucino! Can you do that? --RipperJak
 Cyril ponders on whether he should buy a mocha or the cheap whore on his right. Mocha? Whore? Hmmmmmmmm. --RipperJak

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