IADL #255
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 She's gazing off to her right at something unseen, he's watching the 1994 Bowling Championships on TV... I tell you, kids, this whole apathy thing has gone too far. --Bucky
 Wow... women's prison sure has changed since I was there. --Bucky
 Oh my god, Melissa. That dweeb is coming back over here again. Maybe if I stick my thumbs up my nose he'll go away......Oh shit! He's doing it too, how the hell am I gonna get out of this one? --Cejai
 "...And you see, that's why I think it should've been called 643 Habits of Highly Effective People. But the Professor just said I was a weenie. He must be a Keynesian or something." --Dr. KNob
 This week on the X-Files: At Mulder's birthday party, Langly tricks Scully into drinking Frohike's "Instant Brunette" formula. --Cigarette Eating Man
 "Sally, would you please stop that. It's freaking me out. You're the only person I know that picks her nose with a wine glass." --Magus
 Stammering and continually pushing his glasses back up on his nose, Garth Algar makes his move. --tv's Spatch
 Tiffany had to hold her head up with her glass to keep from nodding off while Rod told her all about how bummed he was when Skynyrd's plane crashed --Harry Feltersnatch
 "Hmmmmm. Scent of sandlewood after an early morning rain, aftertaste of cinnamon and cherry, tastes like malted battery acid. Yep, this is wine all right." --RipperJak
 Okay - now tell me which one has the arsenic. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 It was electric, it was furious, it was magic that evening in 1989. But Janeane and Courtney would go their own ways the next morning. --A&E's Biography
 This was the last image Spinn could capture before the iris-like doorway separated him from the fashionable section of the club ... --Riff
 In a scene from the gritty documentary It Could Be Your Daughter, two coed hookers steel themselves with alcohol before an evening spent turning tricks at Theta Tau's Pledge Night. --Generik
 While Cindy and Jen have had their pictures spread around the Internet before, this is the first time that both of them were caught with their clothes on. --Amos Bodingus
 No, really, we really did work together in "Boxing Helena"! Don't you remember? C'mon! --Colin
 I'm just going to continue to sip my wine and nod apathetically until you go away, is that alright? --Colin
 What abstract painting? That's a mirror. Wait, you didn't take the brown acid, did you? --Werehamster
 Sergeant Tom Anderson and his wife, Miko looked through the portal. "This is amazing!" said Tom, "These people actually have a third dimension!" --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 <sniff> Yep, you must have the beer, 'cause this is the urine sample." --hippie
 Our favorite goths go to a bew-pub. Today on "Sing This Corrosion Buddies". --Anonywuss
 Sports memorabilia adorns the walls of popular sports bars; less-popular sports bars have caricatures of Donny and Marie. --Jim Ellwanger
 The Yakuza was strict. Tawana had violated the rules by accessorizing badly; therefore she was required to remove her own nose with a pliers. --Horselover Fat-chan
 I suppose it's pretty hard to act normal at the sports bar when you have an ectoplasmic entity emerging from your nostrils --mutantdog
 "Let me get you a napkin, dear, you have an alien coming out of your nose" -- not sure what that means 8*
 Yes, that does look infected. --agm
 At the height of his career, Axel Rose dated Stephanie Seymore. Now, he can't even get the time of day from Janine Garofalo. --Riff
 Once she started snarfing wine coolers through her nose, Eric knew she was just drunk enough ... he was gonna get some lovin' tonight! --Riff
 Edna, you really should get help for your addiction to turpentine fumes. --Werehamster

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