IADL #256
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 Jonnie wanted to rent 'Moonstruck', but his hair had to be appeased... So once again, 'The Don King Interviews' went home with him that night. --Bucky
 Anna slips up quietly, tranquilizer gun ready. He was a beutiful specemine, well fed and slow. Tagging and tracking him would yield a great deal of information about the habits of the urban dwelling, two legged, double breasted Republican. --Grendel
 Why rent "It's Pat" when you can meet the real thing? Only at Second-Run Video! --Banana Lass
 "Aw, c'mon, don't you guys got any more Bergman or Kurosawa in this place? What kind of Blockbuster are you, anyway?!" --tv's Spatch
 Jingle All the Way II: Sinbad and Schwartzenegger duke it out for the last copy of Jingle All the Way! --Namgubed the Merry Elf--
 Aw, Hell... Senator Kennedy's passed out again... --Doc Evil
 Holy abdominal tourniquets Fatman! You utility belt must have the tensile strength of titanium! --Norm DePlume
 Everybody knew Jerry had seen Star Wars too much. They didn't realize how much until the copy of Sleepers started floating from the shelf towards his head. --phil
 Steven casually sidesteps away from the "be kind, rewind" enforcer hoping to escape this time. --chromepaperclip
 "Are there any movies in this place other than ones with Glenn Close in them?" --RipperJak
 Despondent, Wayne Knight fruitlessly searches for films he was in that weren't "Jurassic Park" or "Space Jam." --Mr. Mofo Risin'
 These are videotapes? I thought this was a shoe store for people with wide, flat feet! --Riff
 You can always spot the former orthodox Jews in a video store ... --Riff
 Urban Legenders tell of the "Blockbuster Beast" That lurked above the all-night video rental store. --scumbagz
 "Damn," thought Sergeant Lewis, "They're all out of Navy Seals." --anon
 Jim searched for Willy Wonka for endless hours. Bob just tended to space out while staring at the porns. --Boiker
 But I don't see any copies of Buttman Goes to Sioux City, dear. How about Jumanji instead? --Generik
 Coming soon to laserdisc: Shopping For A Tinkerbell Plate: The Special Widescreen Director's Cut. --Shifter
 So, I guess it would be 1,010 Dalmatians, eh Bob? Get it? All those copies...aw, forget it... --Colin
 Gallant wants to rent "The Little Mermaid". Goofus wants to rent "Beauty and the Bestiality". --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 What will it be tonite, 101 Dalmations or Painting with Body Fluids? --Grendel

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