IADL #257
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 "Always be sure to blend in. The best way to remain inconspicuous is to adopt the styles and habits of your tail." --Excerpt from The Princeton Review Guide to the Private Detective Licensing Exam. --Dr. KNob
 Yes, another view of dull middle class white Americans walking across the street. <sigh> Now where the hell did I put my AK-97? --RipperJak
 They were rich, they were beautiful, they had a sense of manifest destiny...they were white Americans in love --Harry Feltersnatch
 The 80's are alive and well and living on 5th Avenue... --Tillman
 Stretch pants -- a privelege, NOT a right. --Norm DePlume
 The 1997 'Yuppie Pride' parade was less than successful.... --agm
 Where's a runaway, Bullock-driven bus when you need one? --anon
 After the nuclear attack only men with designer bags and their moms roam New York looking for food and sales on shoes... --Tillman
 Forget it, Mom -- I am not letting you join that grunge band! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 You can carry them on your back, but hey -- who needs an extra free hand nowadays? --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Two out of three European tourists agree: America is the best place on Earth to get mugged! --Amos Bodingus
 Which of these people is tallest? It's a trick! This picture is an example of an "optical illusion." The retreating horizon lines make it appear that these figures grow shorter from left to right, but they're actually the same height. Try it at home, kids! --Shifter
 Shit. Seinfeld even does American Express commercials on IADL. --The Lawyer
 "Don't sweat it. It's a digital camera. None of themcan tell that you lost your pants when you got dipped up to your boobs in the tar pits." --Agent Todd
 You can imagine Bill's embarrassment when he turned around and saw Don...carrying the SAME bag. --R.J.M.
 Bob was so embarrased of his parents heterosexuality that he always stayed ten paces behind them. --Jenn Dolari

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