IADL #258
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 Extreme Solo Arm-Wrestling! SSUUUUURRRRRGE!!! --Doc Evil
 Gallant looks for some pennyloafers he can wear to his job interview. Goofus looks for some black spike heeled pumps he can sniff at his job interview. --Moe The Maneater
 "Well, see, Doc, it all boils down to this. Angels wanna wear my red shoes." --tv's Spatch
 "Love what you've done to the place." --Geoduck
 While George fumed quietly, Fred made a futile attempt to flag down a waiter. --Geoduck
 "But can't you just see it? The way the light reflects off of the girders and highlights the underlying... You're going to hit me now, aren't you?" --Geoduck
 Larry was a bit suprised. Who'd have thought a secret, drug dealing market place would have a basket full of little mints? --Magus
 You know, Jack, I really like shoes. I mean, we all do, but for me, it goes much farther than that. --Emil Blovin
 Strangely enough, dispite his compelling audition, Dennis Hopper was not chosen to star in Married with Children. --Riff
 Pardon me as I gesture poetically while sniffing these bowling shoes ... mmm. --Riff
 Y'know, Fred? Life just doesn't get any better than this! --Riff
 Deep beneath Roswell, NM, special agents Rigetti and Marquez ruthlessly interrogate the alien footwear. --Riff
 Oh, lord. Please give me a sign that will aid me in my decision: loafers or wingtips? --Riff
 Comedy Central's architect rethinks his first studio design for "Win Ben Stein's Money" --Stiles
 "Grenada. Now THERE was a fuckin' war." --Sgt. Fluffy
 King Frodo and Symon, Leather Mug smith, just couldn't wait for the next RenFaire, provided they could borrow the entrance fee from their mom. --J.R.R. "Bob" Tolkien
 When Ned couldn't afford to buy something, he liked to clasp his hands and pray for the merchant's soul. --anon
 When he wasn't doing public television, Mr Rogers would don glasses and become. . . PAYLESS SHOE STORE MAN!! --RipperJak
 "Do we have anything in stilleto heels? Hmmmm. Let me check." --RipperJak
 The priest is outdated now that people seek spiritual guidance from the crusher bots from the movie Tron! --ChAoS
 Well, this is where to go - now, what to do?... Hey, grab me a chocolate bunny, willya? --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 "FBI, sir. We're searching for a young girl and a vicious dog accused of ripping the entrails out of a Mrs. Em...why, there's her basket! And there! I see them! SWAT team -- positive ID of ruby-red pumps in Aisle 6!" --Stealth
 I don't know, Father Marcus. I still say this "Confession Warehouse" isn't going to be the success you predicted. --The Outsider
 As Ivan finished his story, Vasily put a finger to his lips and nodded. "Ah, tovarisch," he said, "so that's how they cram all that graham...." --phil
 Bob P. and Bart G. taking a lunch break under the alien space craft before resuming making shoes for the Beta-Zorns. "How 'bout those Vikings yesterday." "Sheet, the Jet's could kill them anyday." ..;.but the Zorns were listening... --Willie won't go home
 Neil and Bob's life together was near perfect, if now they could work through the tension shoe shopping always introduced into their relationship... --Fugmulch
 Chuck put on his best pout in a vain attempt to seduce the shoe salesman. --Eblis
 "The two men saw the sign from the Lord. The burgandy leather loafer would become the new Don." --Napoleanos Dynamitos
 "Man, this sure ain't my first time taking a dump in the shoe department." "Yeah, let's see. . .1, 2, 3, 4 times. Not bad, Pa." --Lovin' Alex Mack
 "Maybe....just maybe...there's a ham sandwich in that basket...do I dare to look?" --Colin
 Let's get the pic-a-nic basket and scram, Boo-Boo! --Colin
 A clip from the new video by the Black Crowes - "He Talks to Shoes." --Medea
 Listen pal, tonight I either feed my family or I stab them to death and throw them in a dumpster behind Burger King. It's up to you. Now are you going to buy the fraggin' shoes or aren't you?! --Marlboro
 Hi, do you work here? I'm looking for some Bruno Maglis just like O.J. wore when he killed his ex-wife. --Marlboro
 Yeah, I usually come down here after I get off work at the summer camp. I'm not lookin' for shoes. I just have this insatiable foot fetish. --Marlboro
 You know, Herb, maybe a school gymnasium wasn't the best place to open our shoe store. --Marlboro
 Gee, Lester, I've never seen a colostomy basket. --Marlboro
 C'mon, pal, have a look in the basket. When's the last time you heard of somebody gettin' a good quality 2-week-old caucasian male for a price like this? And that sixth finger on the right hand only tells me that this one is special. --Marlboro
 As Joe contempltes buying the size 345 basketball shoes that were once worn by Shaq, Bubba contemplates knocking him over the head with a basket and stealing his watch. --SPANK

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