IADL #259
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 The store had gone bankrupt over three months ago, but every morning at 9am, Leanne showed up to collect her prom pictures. Poor Leanne, poor stupid Leanne. --Bucky
 'Tina' (Actual Name: Fred Billingsby) was an expert crossdresser, adept in the ways of making false breasts and buying gender-disguising clothing. Unfortunatly, anyone who got behind could see where he hid his penis. --Magus
 "I gotta smock! I gotta smock...!" --Dr. KNob
 John was cursed to be the only man with good birthing hips. --ChAoS
 Sure, the hours were good, but what Laureen liked best about working at Walgreen's was the Muzak version of "La Macarena" which played at least seven times each hour. --Rev. Jason
 When the nights got slow and customers were few and far between, Pat liked to stuff a few monster pops in the film drop and then rides them like a Harley on a bad piece of road. --Grendel
 The sad life of the Metamucil tester. --Godzone
 How to tell you've seen too much IADL: When you're 90% sure it's a woman and are willing to risk the last 10%. --MackyH
 Giving the clerk a seductive twist of the hip is often the easiest way to get second prints free. --Emil Blovin
 To Bob's shock and horror, Candid Camera caught him pissing in the Children's Books isle. --Magus
 Oh cool.....HEY FRANK! COME HERE!! More nude pictures!Some chick fucking a snake!GOD I love this photo-developing job! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Let's see, "Photo Gift Items". "To get your photo gift item, seek out the package closure by finger, and pull it hard to open".....somehow this "Made In The USA" sticker seems a little bit phony. --Moe The Maneater
 Tonight on 20/20: Sometimes teen strippers work at the Wal-Mart photo department just to throw off their parents...but the hips always tell the real story. --Tillman
 Eventually Eddie, the night clerk, wasn't satisfied with just poking holes in the condoms and bruising the fruit... --Kwang The Almighty
 Strangely enough, despite her enthusiastic audition, Gladys failed to make the cut for the cast of Booty Call. --Riff
 It's Crazy-Sideways-Pelvis-Man! --Jenn "Gimmie some Candy!" Dolari
 As Rob developes his Rocky Horror Picture Show pictures, his butt decides to see what's on special this week. --Jenn Dolari
 Sylvia suddenly realized that she could get photo gift items made from pictures she found on the Internet. The possibilities were endless! --Werehamster wants a "CLICK HERE FOR XXX PIX!!!" coffee mug.
 Occasionally, Larry liked to throw a small explosive down the film deposit. Just to make a point, really. --Thomas Wilde
 "Gee, and thought that shaking my ass would get me served quicker" thought Julie, after the second round of shockwaves ripped through the city. --SPANK
 "Thissa damnedesht urinal I ever seen," thought Fred. --The Lawyer

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