IADL #260
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 Ah-Haaa! So there * IS * a " Mr. Paul! " --Doc Evil
 "Man, Fred sure was tasty. hope im rescued soon." --plainpeanut
 A three-hour tour turns into a nightmare for Skipper Jonas Grumby, in Gilligan's Island II: Dead Calm. --phil
 While the crew conducts the final check-over of the riggings, Skipper Hopper makes final preparations of his own. Yep, America's gonna win the Cup again this year! --Dr. KNob
 Spelljamming to the oldies on WKPN 197.4 --ChAoS
 "Popeil's Pocket Fisherman" my ass, hand-grenades are the only way to fish! --The Most Rev. HolyOley
 Are fat bald guys allowed to own boats? Doesn't that kind of spoil the fantasy? --Horselover Fat
 Day Sixteen: Have eaten first mate, scientist, millionaire, wife, actress and milkmaid. Now forced to extracting own bloody teeth as bait for dogfish. --From Merchant Ivory, Joseph Conrad's "Isle of Gilligan," starring Anthony Hopkins, in theatres ths Friday. --godot
 When he started singing 'On the good ship lollipop', thats when the desertions started. --Godzone
 "DAMN! Another fuckin' hook in my nose! I guess mom was right, people on 'ludes shouldn't fish!" --Tillman
 "Jed! Come watch me peg this pike with a snot rocket!" --Eric
 Agnes waits belowdecks in a sailcanvas negligee, unaware that George still needs help opening those feisty condom packets. --Stealth
 * BLART!* sniff... Man, now THERE'S a booger H.R. Giger would appreciate! --Doc Evil
 Would you trust this Gordon's Fisherman? --Jenn Dolari
 Earl would soon learn that hot wings, motion sickness, Dramamine and Tums made for a killer explosive. --Jenn Dolari
 Jerome figured that nobody would catch him picking his nose 100 miles out to sea, but thanks to American spy satellites we have captured this moment forever! --anon
 Section 52.4 of the yachtsmans codebook states that if you run into and sink a buoy, you must drop anchor and yell "Ding, ding!" at the top of your lungs until a replacement can be installed. --Norm DePlume
 This week on Flossing with Earl: Flossing on the High Seas. --Emil Blovin
 sniff sniff... no, bait smells fresh. Why ain't they bitin'? --Emil Blovin
 Discontinued after one episode : Noseflutes Of The Rich And Famous --not elsie
 o/"....she don't mind....she don't mind...she don't mind...COCAINE! o/" --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Earl's patented "Tunamatic" fish call promised results, but failed to deliver. --anon
 Marie cowered in terror as her yacht sailed into the inky black void...."My God" she thought to herself, "Columbus was wrong!! --Moe The Maneater
 From the Coast Guard textbook, "How to Spot a Drug Smuggler"... --Tillman
 It's The New Gilligan's Island! Tonight, the Skipper (Tom Arnold) snorts a gram while Gilligan, (Fred Savage) goes down below to show Mary Ann and Ginger (Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Love Hewitt) his "yardarm"! It's "All Hands on Deck!", tonight on Fox! --Tillman
 After 78 days at sea, Fred finally snaps and devours his hand. --anon
 "Mitchell!!" --Thomas Wilde
 Seconds later, charles was eaten by a whale that just wanted to end the harmonica maddness. --SPANK
 The Little MermaidŽ was totally unaware that Captain Quint was above...waiting --tsquared

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