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 Running out of original scripts, the Emmy Award winning series "Law and Order" steals the much-heralded "Mirror, Mirror" premise from Star Trek. --Thoth
 Rare photo of both the "Larry Flynt" stuntmen at lunch... --Tillman
 Billy looked at the mirror and saw the image of his real self-a punk haired pervert. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 "Hello. I am the attorney representing Mr. P. Heidelmann here. All captions even suggesting that my client is an exhibitionist will be met with instant litigation. Thank you." --Emil Blovin
 Lethal Enforcers-The Movie! Coming soon to a video store near you! --(it worked for Mortal Kombat, didn't it?)
 Men In Blecch! --Doc Evil
 Pssst!! Jim! Your halo's on crooked. --Marlboro
 Where Forsyth preferred the tried and true of the walnut parquet floor, Horace decided to walk on the wild side and try out the white ceramic tile. --Stealth
 ... And here come Phil and Eddie, showing off the lattest in men's casual wear - C'mon guys, shake it like you mean it! --Riff
 o/` We are the Men in Brown - fashion-blind detectives ... o/` --Riff
 Thanks to the establishment of "Flasher Zones" within modern hotels, everyone feels more comfortable... provided they stay on their side of the line. --Emil Blovin
 Criminals were always caught off guard by the sheer unlikeliness of the undercover team: Billy Joe and Hymie! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 FBI! You're under arrest for suspicion of posting bare-chested fat guys' pictures on the web without permission! --Ratman
 Goofus and Gallant attend their ten-year high school reunion. Gallant is now an investment banker, while Goofus has just been released from prison on a child-molestation charge. --Generik
 "Rubbing yourself against commuters with intent to ejaculate is a serious charge, Earl. If this were Tokyo it'd be no big deal. Shit, they wink at it! But here in Hartford it's a different plate of sushi, know what I mean?" --Ngoc van Trimble
 On the right, JC Penny's model. On the left, Soldier of Fortune model. --Marlboro
 Newer. Deadlier. Fatter. Balder. It's The New Adventures of the Equalizer, every week on this television station! --phil
 All this and more, on the next episode of "Garibaldi, Crime Detective!" --Jenn "B5 forever" Dolari
 Pocket-pool champion Elroy Madison, Jr., and his agent, Harris Gray, just before the finals in downtown Milwaukee. --Generik
 Not only was this clown in the trenchcoat playing "mirror image" with him on his lunch break, but the jerk wasn't even good at it! --not elsie
 "C'mon, GRIFFY, we're gonna hit the RUBY TUESDAY'S fer some LAUGHS AND AGNES MOORHEAD!" --tv's Spatch Pinhead
 Quiz: Which one of these men works for a Fortune 500 corporation, and which one compulsively masturbates in movie theaters? --Jizmo the Wonder Horse
 A skinhead, a yuppie and an invisible priest walk into a bar... --Jizmo the Wonder Horse
 Match the thought to the figure: 1) "Boy, oh boy, do I love finance." 2) "Boy, oh boy, do I love rape, murder and extortion." --Jizmo the Wonder Horse
 And down this way, Ron, is the... hey, Ron, you're diddlin' yourself in there again, aren't you? --Horselover Fat
 So help me God, whoever turned the holodeck on to the "Trenchcoat Zippy" simulation is getting phaser burns in his quarters tonight... --Herve Villachaise-Lounge
 A scene from "Pulp Fiction 2: Fuck it, I'm selling out" --anon
 A Peek into the Future: At the 2033 World's Fair in Copenhagen, the first "What you'd look like as a pervert" mirror is unveiled. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 The Hell's Angles and Allstate Insurance had to share the same office building , but finally agreed to walk in segregated hallways. --Willie won't go home

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