IADL #264
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 Venus Phone Booth claims another victim. --Treb
 Dave Foley is... The Grafitti Artist. Rated NC17. No one will be seated during the horrifying Phone Booth scene. --Treb
 It's fun to vote at the Y-M-C-A... --R.J.M.
 "Bombardier to Pilot! Bombardier to Pilot! Spit balls are loaded, and I have visual on Berlin! Request permission to fire!" --Dave A.
 Upscale urinal. --Mr. Magoo
 "C14906 -- Think your apartment or home is too small for a wood-paneled study? Think again!..." --phil
 You know you're not liked when: Even Father Morris, in the middle of one of your confessions, walks out on you in disgust. --Magus
 Since the crackdowns on gangs in New York had started, initiation rituals were pathetically reduced to calling in pizza orders from a phone booth then running away... --Tillman
 "Hello, is this AT&T? After I get out of this booth, I'm gonna sue your heinie!" --RipperJak
 Fortunately, you can only fit one of her into a phone booth. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 "Dear Mom, College is going well. I'm kind of dissapointed with the size of my new dorm room, but what do you expect for $50 a month?" --Riff
 A portrait of William Keane, Jr, 1997 - note the distinguishing "hair-pipe" coming from the back of his head. --Riff
 Now let's look into isolation booth #2 and see how our other contestant is doing ... --Riff
 I have no idea what this person is doing, but I'm pretty sure it'll get 'em 5 to 10 --the skyclad answer
 Martin begins to double over in pain as he finishes his third bag of raw spagetti noodles. --the skyclad answer
 Samurai Elevator Attendant! --anon
 In a rash of professional frustration related to disgruntled postal workers and egg-breaking vocational guidance counselors, hired guards (or rent-a-cops) have begun brutally beating themselves in front of cameras in a desperate attempt to make their jobs seem more worthwhile. --Thany
 Particle Man destabilizes his own molecules in order to fit through the mail slot. --ChAoS
 Of course, Jerry found it was no fun to stuff into a telephone booth by himself. --RipperJak
 "I'm sorry, hon, but they were right, Kriss Kross made me - jump, jump." --tv's Spatch
 Whenever crime rears its ugly head, Kent Cluck dashes into the nearest phone booth and becomes... Stong-Letter-to-the-Editor-Man! --Dr. KNob
 Since when do we have to put our butt to the opening in the confession booth? These new church reforms are bewildering! --toade

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