IADL #265
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 Egon, you are WAAAY to attatched to your Kirstie Alley cardboard cut-out! --Doc Evil
 "Marry me, Julie. I'll give you money, the world, and. . . Hey! You're not Julie!" --RipperJak
 "Now remove your blindfold, Mr. Fitch, and tell us... Which twin has the Toni™?!?" --Dr. KNob
 Of all the exhibits in the Met, nothing draws the crowds like the "Jesus's Appearances in Half-Empty Pie Plates" display. --Ravecavy
 Although Jerry had an occasional customer, his "Get your picture taken with Bjork" booth turned out to be a flop. --R.J.M.
 "I don't think the other contestants are taking this dance marathon seriously..." --Kitsunesan
 Once again, another hilarious picture is ruined by a dumb-minded bystander. --RipperJak
 They told johnny to take a picture because it would last longer. And he did, kids. And he did. --toade
 Gangstas and their beyatches, trying to decide on a china pattern. --Treb
 ABC's new fall hit..."Love, Alternative Style" --R.J.M.
 Hailed as the quickest draw in the mid-west, our hero takes a picture striaght of of the hip, before his rival even turns around. --Truant
 So, like, I now pronounce you, y'know, man an' wife. --Ratman
 In an unaired scene from the final episode of "Married... With Children", Bud finally gets lucky! --Ratman
 Strangely enough, the "Take your picture with a Spice Girl" booth might have been more successful if they'd used a cardboard cutout ... --Riff
 Chavez and Tonya pose for a photographer during thier vacation to the mall. --the skyclad answer
 Just stay calm, Jenny. Eagles fans can smell fear. --anon
 The "Philippina Bride" exhibit at the Annapolis Naval Tatoo Museum. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Ernestino and Valerie would practice for the line-dancing championships everywhere. --The Outsider

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