IADL #266
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 Ace is the place with the helpful hardware whores... --R.J.M.
 You see, right there. Those lines at the beginning, middle, and end with no numbers. They're all sixes. It's true. Spooky, huh? --anon
 "Why did I quit my hight paying job as a Hollywood starlet to work here? I guess 'cause I'm a fucking people person." --helen keller
 If we listen in closely, we can hear how Vanessa bears her tedious days at the Long's Drugs Prescription Counter: "One demerol for you, one for me, one for you, two for me..." --DoomTrout
 The N.O.W. version of Clerks. --phonsux
 'Hi, there, Mister Gatorade Bottle, my name's Mister Bic Pen!' 'Howdy, Bic!' 'Gosh, who's that?' 'Oh, that's just Mister Box of Oreos. Go on over and say hi!'--from the documentary, 'Bored Clerks' --agm
 Posable thumbs, AND a G.E.D. Who could ask for anything more? --Treb
 Let me guess the soundtrack to this scene...she's incessantly jabbering to the clerk in the next line about how long it's going to be before she gets to take her break...scary, huh?....like I'm psychic --Harry Feltersnatch
 "So you like the Gillettes, no? For tough beard like mine, I usually have to go electric." --Tillman
 Normally, Maria was a very diligent worker, but the new product excited her so much that she paused in her restocking chores. Given the circumstances, was there anyone who could possibly resist trying out Lee's Press-On Thumbs? --Dr. KNob
 Dolores, Catholic terrorist, began her reign of mayhem by holing condoms at the local Eckerds. --Stealth
 Just another recent Ph. D. graduate hard at work........ --thoth
 In a freak accident, the IADL camera goes off and catches a cute girl in focus. --anon
 Rosie Perez - where is she now? --Riff
 Looks like another lotto winner in a Brooklyn five-and-dime. Dammit! --Riff
 I not s'post to say, but joo cood save like five dollas on teez grosaries if you were to say ... get a li'l friendlier, joo know? --Riff
 o/` Maria!! I just met a clerk named Maria! o/` --Riff
 "Would you like fries with that," my ass.. Let's see how Mr. Funnyman likes paying $14.99 for a fucking pen.. --anon
 "What the... fat free windshield wiper fluid?? This has gone too far!" --Thany
 Farber's was the only electronics store in Milwaukee where someone could pick up free Oreos and Gatorade after buying 10 pagers. --Daniel Lanker

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