IADL #267
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 Bob the Custodian suddenly looked up. This was no longer the office lobby he was vacuuming. --agm
 New for the N64, XTREME Janitor. So real you can smell the sawdust. --Treb
 A rare appearance of Spawn's less powerful younger brother, Spinn. --Ravecavy
 See, here Mr. Lynch is trying to symbolize insanity, protrayed by the skier, combined with strength, protrayed by the submarine. Either that, or he could've just been drunk off his ass. --My name, or something similar
 Wings of Desire 3: In da Hood --Dr. KNob
 The Grim Reaper fills in when Santa takes a sick day. --DoomTrout
 "Like hell I'm letting that fat bastard down my chimney this year!" --DoomTrout
 After years of practice and seven grueling hours of trailblazing through some of the roughest terrain in Maricopa County, Clem finally succeeded in the task he knew he was born to accomplish: the successful roping and branding of the Arizona State Psychology Building. --anon
 Scene from "Honey, I shrunk the pool man." --Cecil Miskel
 30,000,000 Fudgesicles later, Charlie finally completes his Popsicle-stik warehouse. --Kitsunesan
 The roofs are alive... with the sound of muuuuusic! --Emil Blovin
 "That damn Franklin! Always goofing off with his kite during thunderstorms!" --Emil Blovin
 Earl thought that bungee-jumping off of the Wal-Mart would get him the chicks. He was wrong. --Emil Blovin
 Top of the barn, ma! --Riff
 Hmmn ... I think I know one webmaster who wants a zoom lens for Christmas ... --Riff
 "Damn these Taiwan web slingers anyway" After losing his newspaper job, Spidey had to cut his crime fighting budget and buy cheap imports. --plainpeanut
 Under a dreary, leaden late-autumn sky, Edward Scissorhands exacts his revenge. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Thanatos, Angel of Death, awaits the Apocalypse working as a chimney cleaner. --Thany
 "Okay, over the skyscraper, off the 747, through the window, nothing but net." --Thany
 The first person to guess what this is wins all of Ben Stein's money. --anon
 Richard worked alone, for hours on end, holding the threatening sky at bay. --Generik
 "If you will not show us the Grail, we will take your castle by force!" --Tillman
 In a desperate ploy to improve its gene pool, New York City unveils its Ski Jump for the Extremely Stupid. --Jizmo the Wonder Horse
 Unfortunately, the Sawplayer On the Roof didn't get the same acclaim as his fiddling brother. --RipperJak
 Every so often, Ray liked to challenge God with a plastic sword and a garden hose pulled up on the roof. --Generik
 Paul Atreides harnesses a parking garage and storms the urban wasteland! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Piddler On The Roof --Ratman
 Spamford Wallace awaits the vultures after being tethered naked to a Brazaaville rooftop and covered with rotting chicken offal. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Thousands of years too late, the Mongol Hordes finally manage to claim the Great Wall. --The Outsider (who's been playing CivII too much lately dammit)
 Chicks really go for a man who can yodel! --The Librarian from Hell
 The transformation now all too real, Martin readied himself for the jump to his death... saving the earth from the horror he was becoming. --Eric
 The one-armed physically challenge Scarecrow of Debuke. --ChoppingBlock
 Edward Scissorhand's cousin, Albert Lightningrodhead. --Ngoc van Trimble
 "Come and get me, you omniscient bastard!" Arnold yelled at the sky, praying for a lightning bolt to strike and send a jolt of current down to the makeshift electric chair he had strapped his little brother, Max, into earlier. --Boner Cunningham
 The Grim Reapers' house looked pretty much like you'd expect. --Harry Feltersnatch
 Example number 54 from the book, "101 Things You Can Do With An Oscar." --DieLifeDie
 This fall on UPN "M.A.N.T.I.S: The Hands of fate." --DieLifeDie

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