IADL #269
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 I'm sorry, Senõr Wences, but our relationship isn't working out. This is goodbye. --Werehamster all right in the box? 'Salright!
 "Yikes! That's the last time I goose somebody with a carniverous asshole." --Clntwestwd
 Classical Darwinian theory was fucked. Edna had personally bred a new species of louse. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Yes, and with my gimpy yet magical arm I can call forth Accordio, master of the accordian, then I shall rule the world! HAAAHAAHAAHA! --SPANK
 "Euw! That was one monster blackhead!" --Stealth
 Life as a Yakuza 'moll' had been hard on Wilma...she couldn't afford to screw up many more times. --Harry Feltersnatch
 "Eat it...or rub it on the raincoat guy?...dammit!, when did life become so difficult?" --Harry Feltersnatch
 Tammy's mind fixated on the small marble. She was completely unaware of the large plant creature about to attack the passengers. --Cabin Boy
 "Geeze," Janice thought. "You'd think my nose could produce more interesting boogers than that after the rhinoplasty." --The Outsider
 "Jeez..." Shelly thought, "did that really come outta me?" --Generik
 Damn, I'm sure there were five fingers here this morning! --Riff
 Man, that's the last time I stick my hand out of a subway car window ... --Riff
 Try as she might, Laura would never be a Vulcan. --Riff
 Since there wasn't a movie on this flight, Susan just sits back and watches the acid trails ... --Riff
 "THE CLAW! THE CLAW! OH, WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME?! Oh, wait. That's my left hand. Sorry." --Tillman
 "Whatta gyp!" Terri thought, "The first time I run into a triffid, my pepper spray jams!" --Dr. KNob
 "That's right, tee-hee. I'm a tiny fairy who will grant all of your wishes and , Christ, bitch, you've crushed the life out of my sacred, fairy heart. Argh." --helen keller, Be Kind To Fairies!
 "Psst. Hey. You. Hey, you! Picking your fingers. Open up that window. It's me, the plant from the previous frame. I wanna take this bus over to somewhere where people don't vomit into my roots!" --helen keller, Be Kind To Your Plants!
 Linda's thinking it's a fine time for Mr. Hand to get hungry, right here on the subway. --LivFre
 Can we guess which finger was airbrushed out of this picture? --Thanks, Magus. -- phonsux
 "Jesus? How long was this in my ear? For Chrissake, it's got like- fifty legs!" --Shifter
 Hummm. Tastes like Shit.. Thank God I didn't sit in it. --Ant_Toe_Knee
 After those misadventures involving that horrid little girl, the Queen of Hearts ends her days homeless and insane in New York. --DieLifeDie
 "These are the fingers of death. These are the the fingers of death. These. Are. The. Fingers. Of. Death." Sara Jane kept repeating the phrase until, finally, she had the bus all to herself. --Generik
 Wait, that's not a booger. What the hell have I been inhaling? --alanon
 Wow! Lifes rich fucking pageant! --Duncan
 And this, my big alien three-fingered lizard friend, is Italian for "Up Yours." If you only had a thumb, you could do it too. --DJM

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