IADL #275
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 Arite was quietly on his way to work, when an evil Shadow Ship attacked him from the open jump point. --Jenn "Ivanova" Dolari
 "Wow...and that's just Paul William's LIVING ROOM!" --Jenn Dolari
 As Teri and Maureen speculate as to the size of his genitalia, Lloyd simply picks up the shreds of his ego and moves on. --Bucky!
 "Cthulhu in R'lyeh rhithlhui f'hnatgn!" "Fine, Bob...and yourself?" --The Interrupting Cow
 Y'know, I always wondered where that directional thingy on maps was really located... --The Interrupting Cow
 The floor at the " Parker Brothers " HQ: 'Nuff said! --Doc Evil
 And when he found out that people were only looking for him for the prize money, the grey M&M took his own life... --Bill
 Having performed the required sacrifice, Bernie Goetz left the pentagram and headed out of the station. --Sally
 Only Lisa's best friends had come to accept her peculiar habit of picking her nose and putting it on the handrail, then waiting at the top to watch it come around a few times --or am i the only one who does that?
 Seconds later the Nowhere Man would emerge, followed closely by the Blue Meanies... --Bill
 Bill likes his new tile floor, but wonders whether he overpaid the high-school geometry student to design it. --Kitsunesan
 Most people down on their luck are followed by a raincloud...Bernie was stuck with a 30 degree ellipse. --R.J.M.
 Ned was all excited to be attending his first "Columbo" fan convention at the Radisson. --anon
 And then I imagined they replaced the floor with the ceiling --ChoppingBlock
 No one could notice Christ's halo due to the busy ceiling. The second coming was RUINED! --ChoppingBlock
 Leroy barely had a chance to scream before the airborn starfish came down upon his head, and choked the life from him. --Magus
 Beano, now available in executive size. --Orrin "He's really sorry" Bloquy
 At the Microsoft headquarters, Mr. Gates heads up to his office making the mental note to fire that "Nose-picking C++ programmer bitch" that cut him off in the parking lot... --Tillman
 Marissa the theif attempts a backstab. --ChAoS
 The little devil and angel stepped off Joes shoulder to argue theology. No longer was joe tied down to their "do it" "don't do it" conflicting moral guidance. --ChAoS
 Finally, some people in "Riven" who don't run away from you! --anon
 St. Terry, the patron saint of geeks, goes to work. --Áman
 Although it was the nicest-looking store at the mall, customers at Artie's Stench-o-Rama had their reasons for wanting to get away as quickly as possible. --Jim Ellwanger
 Can YOU spot the location of the demonic ritual that was taking place that was airbrushed out of this picture? --Magus
 WHOA! Waitaminnit... My psychic powers tell me someone in the vicinity is picking their nose... --Doc Evil
 "I wish to God Frances would learn to carry sanitary pads on her intead of leaking and crying like a baby. Jesus, I need a smoke." --helen keller, No More Menstrual Jokes, Period!
 "Tonight on Fox: When Black Holes Attack!" --DieLifeDie
 You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick the time you'll be caught in the act by a roving saucer security system. --Dr. KNob
 *FFFFFFP* "I'm tellin' ya, this shit is so good I'm seein' giants with halos - you sure you don't wanna hit?" --Wanker

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