IADL #279
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 "No, I don't believe in the Candyman. Why?" --Thany
 Ia! Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young! ... um, sorry 'bout that. It's this new floor. You were saying? --Thany the Unspeakable, He Who Is Not To Be Named
 Everyone agreed that the 17th season of The X-Files was the worst. Duchovny had really fallen apart after the breakup, Anderson just wasn't quite the babe she'd once been, and everyone knew the new Mister X just wasn't cutting it. --Shifter
 While it is not widely known, Chris Farley auditioned for the movie 'A Time to Kill.' Can you spot the assault rifle? --vagabond
 "Eve, you ever had the feeling you're being watched from two directions?" --Magus
 A security camera catches Chris Farley, his girlfriend and some guy named 'Grim' they picked up at The Pylon as they head up to Chris's apartment to continue the party. --Mike Hunt
 Boy, the North Pole is much more user friendly now that they've remodelled. --ChoppingBlock
 This picture, taken in a San Francisco bathhouse, ruined the careers of Rush Limbaugh and Clarence Thomas. The third person in the picture, a transsexual referred to by the other two men as "Danny Boy," remains unknown. --alanon
 Janet knew Chi-Chi's caused her painful gas, but she had ignored her body and eaten there anyway. Now as the warm, smooth, butt-pudding began to flow strained through her panty hose, she wondered if Ed and Charley had gotten wind of her accident. --Brickbat
 George Washington Carver and Mama Cass give Chris Farley the grand tour. --Anonymous Man
 Ed's shadow struggles vainly to keep up. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 It was no use. Clarence Thomas followed them wherever they went. --Kim + Patrice
 Sadly, none of the three knew the reason why the pattern on the floor was shaped just so... until it was too late! --Daniel Lanker
 Hey, the brochure says the great portal will be opening any time now. --ChAoS
 Scene from the upcoming "Benson" movie. --Thany
 I'm telling you, Carla, that new guy freaks me out. I always feel like he's right behind... AAGH! --Thany
 O.J. Simpson reliving some of his more memorable Post-Heisman experiences... --helen keller
 Psst, Melvin... fix your bra, man. --LivFre
 Even tap-dancing couldn't convince women to date Andy Richter. --Orrin "I'll introduce you to Conan! Really!" Bloquy
 In this scene from Rush Limbaugh's "It's a Wonderful Life," Mary walks right on by Rush shortly before his guardian angel Clarence Thomas explains that not only is he an asshole, he's invisible. --Orrin "capraphagy" Bloquy
 The race was on to beat the 11AM breakfast special cut-off at I-HOP. --sally
 A feminist's nightmare-- being harassed by Clarence Thomas and Rush Limbaugh. --LadyJ
 "I gotta hand it to the janitors around here...why, you'd never know that just last night we eviscerated a live sheep right here where we're walking" --Overheard in the lobby at Proctor and Gamble Executive Headquarters
 Bob wonders why every time he walks over one the middle of one of those weird circles on the floor, his watch moves ahead nine minutes --mutantdog
 "Don't show them any fear," Kevin thought to himself. "White folks just know it when you'e scared." --anon

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