IADL #280
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 Beth was into helping the less fortunate .... on Fridays she would let underpriveledged dwarves stow-away in her Jansport as she rode the train home. --Heckler
 "I will not lose another child to that monster", thought Mia as she rushed crosstown to confront Woody. She mused about the parallels in life and art and her earlier Rosemary days. --Sally
 Here we see an unemployed former English major, reduced to correcting grammar in graffiti. --alanon (how do you spell grafitti?)
 Their only hope was that the train would pull into the next station before the water level rose any further. --LadyJ
 The stench on a NYC subway train is so powerful as to be visible. --LadyJ
 Sadly, like so many washed-up actors, the Monolith is forced to live off of advertisement deals and go everywhere via the subway... --Crisis
 i SAID: Open the Pod Bay Door, HAL ! --soggy cornflake apostrophe
 This stop, Leon Valley, Bandera, Wurzbach and your vague and uninteresting life. --Jenn Dolari
 Eggs - got eggs. Flour can't remember, think Bob got some. That Elaine at the office is really starting to get on my tits. Wish that guy with the camera would stop following me. Must remember the milk. --Bystander
 Another triumph of the Giuliani administration: the bag ladies are younger, better-looking, and more snappily dressed --Shem
 Night Of The Commuting Dead --Ratman
 Hmmn, according to this map, I'm headed toward "flavor country" ... wait, this is a cigarette ad! --Riff
 "Absolut Confusion" Hahaha! Who comes up with these things? --Riff
 Thanks to modern fashion trends, Edna was able to disguise the enormous monobosom growing out of her back. --not elsie
 "No, Admiral, the ship's engineers can't get me to Camp Kittimir before stardate 47961.4. Have that damned meddlesome Vulcan stand in for me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a transfer to beat out of the driver." --Stealth
 Hmmm..."For the convenience of its passengers, Valu-Jet offers these handy tips for surviving chance encounters with various large carnivores..." --mutantdog
 Mashed potatoes, or stuffing? --anon
 Except for her obvious deformity, Quasimina was actually a pretty good lookin' chick. --Hugh G Rection
 Kellen looked closely at the Mentos poster, looking for dark, subliminal messages. --RipperJak
 Stephanie stepped back and admired her def scratchitti. Her shit was both correct and in effect. --Ngoc van Trimble
 A Subway NO: If you're going to consult the interior maps for guidance, make sure you're not a young white girl carrying several large bags. --ChoppingBlock
 The IADL set designer in a rare shot "in scene" at quitting time. --helen keller
 The rush hour El train fog never seems to burn off. --helen keller
 In her later years, Little Orphan Annie found riding the subways a welcome diversion to running the Warbucks Military Industrial complex. --helen keller, Pretty Reaching On That One But It Still Works..
 As the subway car raced back in time towards the 1920s, Judy noticed the ads on the car wall changing every few minutes. One particular ad, which read simply 'Got Milk?', suddenly changed to read 'Where's the Beef?', and eventually to 'This family is happy because they eat Lard.' --agm
 Remember, if you gaze into the milk ad, the milk ad gazes back at you. --agm
 Day 112: I have been accepted into the subway bums' family. However, supplies are running low and I must return home... --Big ol' Bob
 A grown Susie Derkins thinks melancholy of her childhood, fearful of the reunion ahead with the Grand Central Station tramp known to talk loudly and drunkenly at a bedraggled stuffed tiger. --Reverend Wholesomeness
 Corey Feldman stars in "Speed 3 - Back on the Freaking Bus" --Dogyear
 "Hmmm..." Nancy thought "that missing child sure looks a lot like... me!" And 12 years of memories came flooding back into her consciousness like water from a broken dam. --the Lindbergh baby
 Others patrons of the bus knew to remain silent when Jill began to confront the vending machine. She normally packed bricks and other hard missles in her Jansport. --BrickBat

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