IADL #283
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  Slackerdance. --Doc Evil
 The youth are the future of our great nation... Man, we're TOTALLY screwed... --Doc Evil
 "Great," Brooke Shields thought. "The whole fuckin' world is dead, and I'm stuck with the kid from Third Rock From the Sun and Joan Jett. What a dark day for humanity." --toade
 Tonight on Targets of the Fashion Police, we stake out two stereotypical bored trendfollowers from the suburbs! --Mr. Ben McClellan's IADL invasion!
 Tonight on a very special "Suddenly Susan"! Susan finds a gnome at the mall who causes everyone to "Riverdance"...The tears come later as she finds out he only has 3 days to live. Andre Agassi guest stars, Thursday on NBC! --Tillman
 Extreme Dorfing. --Hippie
 "Look out, you fool, look out! I don't control the moonwalk, the moonwalk controls me!" --ks
 Melissa couldn't help but grin as Tommy approached the nearly invisible tripwire she had strung from her heel to the trophy case. He would fall, all right. And hemophilia would do the rest. --ks
 This is nature's way of saying "Keep away! Keep far away!" --RipperJak
 C'mon, everybody! It's time to POLKA! --Luna
 Anne could always get John to drop his books when she lifted her leg and threatened to piddle like a dog in public. --Dr. KNob
 Suzy demonstrated the impracticality of turning pirouettes in anything other than Docs. --Sally
 Another sign of the impending apocalypse...the arrival of Dark Hanson. --The Interrupting Cow
 One of Fox's midseason replacement series, The Bionic Slackers-- starring Roseanne alumni Sara Gilbert-- barely lasted three episodes before being yanked. --Emil Blovin
 Help me! My legs are slowly deflating under the pressure of my giant shirt!! --Azazael
 The new suburban hip-hop sensation: 'Salt...and salt" --Mike Hunt
 Everything had gone well until there was a problem with her hydraulics and Buffy accidentally revealed the fact that she was a 'Transformer' --Wench23
 "By the way, that faux Star Trek shirt makes you look like such a bitch! Ta-ta!" --helen keller
 "Oh, kittens! I'm going to a Kennedy fundraiser and I almost forgot to take my contraceptive pill. Toodles!" --helen keller
 Imitating Fred Astaire at the mall was all fun and games until Jen and Adrian attempted to dance up the side of the plate-glass window. --Generik
 Having learned hypnosis in psych class, Bob now has Holly thinking she's a hummingbird. --Shem
 The students at Alfred G. Graebner Middle School are too cool to be impressed when God appears in the trophy case. --Shem
 "Excuse me, could you please blast this ravenous unidentifiable beast off of my leg with a large gun before the blood loss kills me?" "Sure thing! It never hurts to help!" --Jamey "Wondering if Eek is on the air anymore" Powell
 Veronica had a difficult time adjusting to her new peg leg. --Mousie Tongue
 She can wear the baggy pants, she can wear the colors...she can even throw down the signs...but Cindy still REEKS of whiteness. --R.J.M.

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