IADL #287
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 Roger took being "posture perfect" very seriously, but it still didn't get him the chicks. --RipperJak
 Ia, Sally Niggurath, white trash of the suburbs with a thousand aborted young! --Magus
 Scene stiff from Sesame Street's new catchy song, "Loose Pants, Goose Pants" --ChoppingBlock
 Could I interest your camel toes in a game of pocket pull? ...Sorry, Linda, that was inappropriate. --ChoppingBlock
 Ah, nothing more exhilarating than doing squat-thrusts on 34th and Park Ave. --Don Spudleone
 Oh, Linda...how I long to skin you, and sew it onto my own body...the pleasure of femenine curves, the bounce of an ample... Huh? Oh, nothin'...jus thinkin' 'bout how hungry I am. --Jenn Dolari
 Gaaah! More boring white middle class Americans! Nooooooooo!!! --RipperJak
 I'm crushing my prostate! Crush! Crush! --NME--
 There are white people, and then there are white people.. --Geoduck
 When real terror strikes Gotham, the commissionaer depends on Incontinent Man and Mildly Attractive Girl! --anon
 Lyle exuded self-confidence. And rightfully so. No mortal woman could resist his lucious buttocks, sublime in their corduroy glory. --Opie
 "Oh, no!" Clem thought, "A car wreck! How can I change into Frogman without Leslie suspecting anything?" --Dr. KNob
 She's a high-priced call girl -- he's a Nam vet who lost both arms. Together they're Humps and Stumps, coming Thursday nights on Fox! --Ratman
 Samuel made many valiant attempts, but never succeeded to pick up a girl... no matter how much he poofed his gut out. --Ravecavy
 "So what's your opinion of the whole sex scandal thing? Do you think the President is being persecuted? What's your favorite color? Do I look fat? Why are you ignoring me? If you were trapped on a desert isle..." 56th pollster killed since Monday. --DieLifeDie
 EEEYAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! Torgo knees! Torgo knees! --Doc Evil
 From Paramount this summer...Jodie Foster and Robert DeNiro in "Taxi Driver 2000"! The sequel that everybody said couldn't be made! --Tillman
 "Keep walking, honey. If we stop for every screeching, blood-covered homeless woman we see, we'll never catch the matinee." --SoilCreep
 How many 'pocket pool' captions can YOU fit in one web page? --not for the faint of heart
 Okaaay ... keep moving ... cool and steady ... don't look at her .. DOWN! DOWN, YOU RAVENING GROINAL DEVIL-BEAST, LEST I CHOKE THE LIFE FROM THEE WITH MY BARE HANDS! ... whew ...wonder if she noticed? --Shem
 Phil was starting to feel a little guilty about mugging Mr. Rogers and stealing his cardigan. --Shem
 Roger didn't care if Lisa made fun of his belt-loop fire extinguisher. It would save her ungrateful ass one day. He was sure of it. --Horselover Fat
 Erin and Pete like to practice their Riverdance steps down on 19th near the freeway. --Generik
 When Pale Pasty People Attack! Tonight, on Fox! --Generik

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