IADL #289
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 Helga makes the "talk to the hand" guesture, and Tiffany's hand does the talking. Symbiosis in action! --Bucky
 Brian finally realized why everybody at the office was always making jokes about Jill's "batteries" and how she didn't "need a man for anything." --Mycroft
 Photoshop Gal uses her powers to Gausscan Blur Teri's hand out of excistance. --CrAsH
 Feee-ewe! Run it thru the sprinkler once in a while Mom. It smells like peat moss in here. --Treb
 Touch of death? Sure I know it, wanna see? --Mr. ?
 No matter how she fanned her mouth, the Kung Pao tofuburger just kept stinging Susan's lips until she couldn't talk at all. --Generik
 "What happens when Tori falls for a straight girl? And Jeremy takes his thing for the cameraman one step too far. Tonight, on The Real World." --phil
 Using her Jedi powers, Edna slaps Sally from across the table. --Magus
 Sadly, Bill would have met his soul mate if only he sat more to the right, under god's brilliant light of inspiration. --Mr. ?
 But for some reason, Dianna always won at thumb wresteling --Mr. ?
 Bill thought to himself, 'I think I finally know the secret identity of Velocity Girl' --Mr. ?
 Why caffiene and sign language do not mix. --Jenn Dolari
 Rob was entranced by the collared beauty next to him. So much, so, that when the Lord came calling upon his eternal soul, he didn't even see it come up behind him. --Jenn Dolari
 I see Ballbusters Anonymous has implemented the buddy system --Dog-Matic 2000
 "Gee, Pippi. You could've avoided a neck injury if you had stuck to hand jobs. Just do it fast, like this." --Emil Blovin
 Driven to the point of insanity, Robb used his psychic powers to vaporize the garrulous woman's hand. But she still kept talking about her yeast infection... --Emil Blovin
  o/~ ...because they're cousins, identical cousins.... o/~ --severin
 Turtleneck or neck brace? They'll never be able to tell! '98 Handi-fashions! --Who cares?
 Monica always talked with her hands, but she was really going today. The consequent sonic boom sent glass shards into Ted's "Happy Meal", resulting in a fist fight that he quickly lost... --Tillman
 What was in that shit you gave me? I've been seein' trails for weeks! --Riff
 Thom gazed longingly towards the table on his right. Such style, such curves, such flair. Thom would be thinking about those salt & pepper shakers for months. --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 I can't stop! If my hand falls below fifty miles per hour, I'll explode! --SoilCreep
 Heck with th' babes, that guy with th' digicam there is quite a piece of ass! --Doc Evil
 Gee, Jennifer never has a second cup of coffee when i make it. --Waldo
 OK todays the day....i'm gonna walk over there and talk to the little red head girl....yep gonna get right up and walk over there and ask her out and.....oh shit who am i kidding...i been trying for thirty years and i can't get up the nerve to even say hello....admit it Charlie Brown, you may as well resign yourself to a life of voyerism and masterbation. --Waldo

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