IADL #29
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 It's amazing what Wal-Mart will sell in the Damaged and Dented bin.... --Don Spudleone
 Whenever things would get a little slow for Kwai Chang Caine, he would go down to the local Woolworth's and challenge a local warrior to a duel. --Keef
 Okay, now let's turn around so we can look like one of those evolution pictures. --Greg J
 Look Mom, it's Sergeant Testosterone! --Bajando
 No Mommy! I feel funny lower!... LOWER! --BrickBat
 So, we're a nice, young couple. Whadda ya say, kid? Threesome? --Alfredo
 Hush up lil' fella, me an Roy are yer momma and poppa now. Now come with us. --Cassius
 Unfortunately for the young family, the store was closing soon. The red nozzels were in place, and the widow Chimchim knew that stragglers would soon feel the pungent burn of mustard gas. --Monk n Treb
 Hey Mom! That guy behind you is famous, his picture's in the post office! --Lyzza
 Just think Honey...Six more months working For Mrs. Gifford and we'll have enough money to get you that roll of toilet paper you always wanted. --Craig Price
 MA! Dont look now but there is a tall ass giant behind you! --~mroujia~
 Junior, put those condoms back! --anon
 "Listen up. You folks go buy a pack of gum and I'll take care of the beer." --Larbo
 Mommy, this is just like the one *you* use, except it doesn't vibrate! --paul
 Look Ma, OUR house is on the cover of "White Trash Monthly!" --John Boy
 Phil gets lectured by his parents for running around the store with a foot long hard salami saying,"Hellllooooo ladies!" --Lord KAS
 Now lemme' get this straight lady, all I gotta do is strap on that backpack your friend has, and run to the back of the store screaming "Long Live Ahllah" and you'll give me a WHOLE quarter?! --kafka
 Boy, when they said "half-off everything" they weren't kidding! --Don Spudleone
 Look mommy! They have the complete Peter Noon Collection!!! It even has Henry the 8!!!! --a little man from another place
 Oh, look, honey! The kid comes with a free toilet bowl cleaner! --a little man from another place
 $39.95, hell they got 'em for $19.95 at Wal-Mart. --Hugh G. Rection
 Those who attempted the "pull my finger" routine on the young Clark Kent got a rude surprise. --Capt. phealy
 "I don't know, honey. On sale or not, it's still a shitty-looking lawn jockey." --zeddicus
 "Turn around, Jeffie, and we'll do our 'evolution' impression for that nice man with the digital camera" --The Sandman
 The 4 basic species native to Wal-Mart, from left to right: Little Brat, White Trash, Freak, Alien. --Der Tanzer
 Yes, that's nice, dear, but give Daddy his testicles back. --Colonel Lingus
 "Billy Jo McGillicuddy, git yer ass back here! We come all this way to the Wal-Mart to git yer daddy a ballcap for his job interview, and you gotta try stealin' a roll of Skoal from the store!" --Mister Sinister

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