IADL #291
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 "You're kinda cute, for a stupefyingly boring overweight geek with mind-numbing body odor, that is" --Dog-Matic® 2000©
 Graham spent the entire afternoon worrying, scared that she might uncover his secret. What if she learns that I drive a Skoda? --knuckles
 Another rare publicity still from TV's camp classic show Batman. Here we see Adamm West and a production assistant catching a couple of "frosty ones" in the Crooks' Commisary. --Dr. KNob
 Wayne could only watch in silence as Steffie ruined another perfectly good date by channeling Garry Shandling --Opie
 I don't need a relationship, thought Bob. I have my Calculus...I have my Calculus...I have my Calculus...and an AK-47 named Bessie.... --Jenn Dolari
 Earl sullenly stared at the ground as Jake pulled his lip over his nose to impress Susan. "That was my trick" Earl thought, "I taught him that. That bastard stole my trick." --the skyclad answer
 David made his impression of Bill Clinton. Sherry made her impression of someone enjoying a date. --Mr Yummy Pants
 Carol's potential husband requirements had certainly been relaxed since she hit the big 30. If you're a bi-ped carbon-based form of life, then by God, you're in the running! --Tillman
 The first thing Paul noticed was the increasing shift in the gravitional field; his dishes started sliding away from him, uphill. Just then, Helen's nose reached critical mass and the resulting mini-black hole destroyed most of downtown Des Moines. --Mycroft
 Jennifer smiled as Bob proved he could lick his eyebrows. Now she would accept his proposal. --not for the faint of heart
 Six Flags has just designed a food court that sways like the Pirate Ship ride. I'm thinking it's not such a good idea. --LadyJ
 As Kathie and Edward flirt mindlessly, Forrest Gump tries to work out Edward's chances of scoring tonite, but is frustrated by his inability to divide by zero. --Bucky
 Milk to Sugar5. Checkmate. --Treb
 Martha Stewart's Dating Tip number 37: Always try and date within your own species --mutantdog
 Arlene laughed every time David blew milk bubbles out his nose. Every single time. --Generik
 "The Roofies should hit just about the time we get to his room," Nancy thought, "and then that bastard's Rolex is mine!" --Generik
 A wolf in geek's clothing. --Mr. ?
 Anybody got an 8 oz coke bottle to use on her teeth? --twomp
 When geeks are mutually attracted. --Magus
 Some see the bottle as half empty. Others see the bottle as half full. Bob sees the bottle as an excuse to look at martha's breasts. --ChAoS
 No chance in hell. --Microman
 "Ohmigosh!" thought Linda. "My knee touched his! Oh, baby!" --Big ol' Bob
 Welcome to the Irregular House of Pancakes! --Riff
 This week on Sienfeld, Susan's ghost visits George just long enough to make fun of his new hairpiece. --Riff

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