IADL #292
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 You know you're in New York when you put a carcass on a bus and nobody seems to notice. --Magus
 Not only did Jill find peace of mind with her Metro Ride Buddy®, she just loved his Action Features™ assortment. The duck call was her favorite one to use on the 6:00 AM Express. --Dr. KNob
 While attempting to keep down a wicked vomit belch, Mr. Landers never saw the midget behind him getting ready to stick him with his shiv. --dALY
 I'm sure we've all faced this dilema before. Subdue raging hard on, or supress urge to vomit? --Mr. Yummy Pants
 While the left hand slept peacefully, the right continued its secret affair with Bill. --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 Bland....James Bland. --OOwaldo
 If you ask me, anybody who plays the kazoo on the subway is just asking to be violated. --Riff
 Without warning, Bob was crushed to death under a pile of 'Thumb Sucking' captions. --Magus
 A pathetic and senile William Shatner speds his last years riding the local bus system and recording notes on his 'tricorder'. --Bucky
 Bob and his left glove plot a 'hit' on his right glove. Meanwhile, the right glove and the briefcase compare notes on Bob's thinning hairline. --Bucky the anthropomorphic rabbit
 "All right, everybody, let's Metrocize! Arms crossed, head forward, and twist! Twist!" --Emil Blovin
 Like the red dress in Schindler's List, the blue handbag really stands out against the bleak, boring, colorless landscape, forcing--almost daring--us to comment on it. Make no mistake about it: Spinn knew how to photograph. --IADL Critical Analysis #64
 Ben's parka was not only really, really big, it soon starting taking over his life, ruining relationships, giving bad advice for the stock markets and finally, prohibiting him from public transportation. --Tillman
 God, why can't I get that meow mix theme out of my friggin head? meow meow meow meow... --Mr. ?
 From The New Adventures of Batman: Having failed the DMV eye exam, Adam West has to take the bus. --Medea (with Titanic rage!)
 Two years later, Ed was still trying to figure out how to do the Macarena. --Shem
 Harold reinflates his artificial arm just in time to signal for the next stop. --Stealth
 "Word to yo mutha!" --Savvage
  Where would YOU be when your laxative kicks in? --RipperJak
 The nice thing about the new "Robocop 2000" model cyoborg was that it not only looked more human, it also came with an ATM machine conviently stored in the back. --CrAsH
 Even expensive gloves with pepper-spray on them couldn't keep Art from biting his nails. --Generik
 Mmmm! Tastes like... well, not chicken, exactly, but something real similar to chicken... Cornish game hen, maybe, or pheasant. Squirrel? No. ...Gerbil? Marmoset? --Generik
 That commercial has me thinking -- what would I do for a Klondike bar? --tjs
 Now wait a minute... there were four of us in the room paying nine dollars, and we gave the bellboy a dollar... --Bill
 Ebola Man's hacking cough of power was just the first in a whole sequence of events that would make all the people on the subway wish they'd taken a cab. --Who cares?
 Ambidextrous man spots MegaCleavage Woman bending over, and does what comes naturally. --Pastor of Muppets

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