IADL #295
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 He was one of the few, the lucky; one of those who didn't rush into the streets and meet their doom that fateful day: he was too caught up in "Moby Dick" to notice the fleet of alien warships passing just outside the window. --Buoy
 Oh no, Little Engine! No WAY! You can't possibly... oh, that is so BOGUS!!! --Kurt L.
 B.S, B.S, B.S.... mail, grep, echo, yadda yadda... dammit! Stupid Unix manual!! Where the hell is the command to download porn??? --Kurt L.
 Slide 295: The Thinker. Tune in next week when the Sensitive Goth Poet Girls will recreate 'Guernica.' --Orrin Bloquy
 Where will YOU be when the Rapture occurs? --Jenn Dolari
 Step one: undress. "Ok, I'm with ya." Step two: kiss breast "Wait, wait, go back. Does it mean mine or hers? Dangit, I'll never get this right." --Marlboro
 Unfortunately it was another ten minutes before Jim realized that this wasn't a Texaco latrine. --Marlboro
 "Lessee... slight headache. Check. Crossed eyes. Check. Ball joint at the bottom of the neck. Check. Unexplainable unlimited vomiting. Check. Shit. I am possessed." --Thomas Wilde
 Heh heh... so in Italian it would be "Trippo il mio nottasacchi in una frenzia de diverti-ricardo." --Horselover Fat
 Beads of sweat glistening on his forehead, Kyle concentrated..."Let me get this straight, Spot is the dog, Jane is the girl..." --The 13th Angel
 Super-shy same-sex flirting. --Xebec
 Steve was awfully glad that the terrorist-bombing test run was open book. --Generik
 "Bunny is a 36C-23-35 sophmore from Michigan State. She plans to get her degree in animal husbandry. 'I just love helping out on the farm. My man should, too...'" --knuckles
 The latest on alt.erotica.morons.clothed.belts.clueless --Magus
 Engrossed in his reading, Bill failed to see The Blob In The Grey Flannel Suit sneaking up from the foreground. --Tom Geller
 Unwittingly Mulder has stumbled upon the Russians' secret antidote to the Black Oil: Border's Raspberry Creme Latte. --Dr. KNob
 "So, according to this dictionary, an Italian soda doesn't have half-n-half, but a French soda does. I can buy an Italian soda, get the free half-n-half on the counter, and save twenty-five cents. Cool!" --Emil "shameless" Blovin
 With its large self help section and comfortable cafe the Dyslexic's Bookstore seemed like a money winner. Too bad they didn't research their target demographic a little more closely. --DieLifeDie
 "Toilet Training for Dummies"? Okay, I have officially seen everything. --Medea (I don't know why I said that)
 Pat always like the coffee at the Border's Cafe, but on "Duck and Cover" night, it was something really special! --Tillman
 God-damn! What's a six-letter word for "hot, highly caffienated drink"? --Riff
 Uh, excuse me... sir? By the window? The other customers would like you to stop wiggling in your seat? Thanks you. --Bill
 What!? What!? Gandalf can't be dead! Nooooo! --Bill
 From Stamford: Chelsea Clinton was abducted today as her bodyguard puzzled over wheter to attack the Orc (pg 38) or try to sneak by (pg 72)... --Bill
 New for the 2000 Summer Olympics...the 12 meter toilet grunt --anon
 Suddenly, the forces of darkness decapitated everyone in the coffee shop. Tim was saved only because of his diligent Bible study. --Mycroft
 (AP) MONACO: Trevor Shanker wins the 22nd running of the Food Court Gran Prix. Shanker, driving a blazer-backed Early American, held off a late charge from Remco Ferrelli, in his sweater draped Danish Modern, to claim the checkered flag. --Opie
 The last thing Bill heard was the hissing sound of the poison gas seeping out of Borders' book 'How to kill everyone in a bookstore' --Mr. ?
 Am I mistaken, or is his ass forming a thought balloon? --Shifter
 John's mime class progresses to the 'Imaginary Desk' skit. --Kitsunesan

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