IADL #296
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 Thugs R Us, we deliver. --Mr. ?
 The Bill Gates pit crew opens the "hood" and realizes the "motor thingy" is gone. --ATG
 are you sure this is how you jumpstart a limo? --weewee
 Hood on you, street! --Ow ow stop hitting me
 "I didn't even know there was such a thing as a 'sidewalk proctologist.'" --Mycroft
 An hour later, John would wonder why the Judge didn't grant him the bankruptcy. --not for the faint of heart
 Lame, half decade's old pop culture reference #12,457: "I'm crushing your hood, I'm crushing your hood, I'm crushing your hood. Crush, crush." --DieLifeDie
 What luck!!! What are the odds that Madonna's limo would get a flat tire right here in front of my tire store! And during the big "Two whitewalls for a blowjob sale"! --Marlboro
 Here we can see the World's Longest Limo. When parked around the equator like this, the driver can see straight into the trunk. --Rusty Russell
 "Okay, how's this? We take turns carrying the coffin?" --Big ol' Bob
 Excuse me, Mr. Bolton? You'll have to step out of the limo now -- the American public has just come to its senses. --Kurt L.
 Now, when you need to take Johnny Vitto "for a ride," he can go in style. Presenting the new 1998 Lincoln Gotti Limousine, the Capo di tutti capi of Mafia luxury cars. Plenty of leg room in the front for your boys, plenty of trunk space in the back for your mark. Available with optional driver's side airbag and passenger's side restraining cuffs. --Tulip O'Hare
 See, Enzio? If we fold the back seat down, we can get at least two extra bodies in the trunk! --Dopey
 "Excuse me, but you're going the wrong way, sir. You'll be riding in the trunk." --JoJo the Idiot Circus Boy
 Movin on up, to the east side, to a great big apartment in the sky.... --Mr. ?
 Micheal, LaToya's complaining about riding in the trunk again. Shall I chloroform her once more ? --Kitsunesan
 "Yes, even the rich and powerful do their shopping at 'World 'o' Windows !!" --Kitsunesan
 The people-eating morphin'-monster had a lot to learn about catching his prey. Instead of crawling passively into his open mouth, they entered his ear canal, and lodged themselves within his luxurious corinthian leather nasal passages. --Gratefully Anonymous
 Tonight on "Pimps": Sweet Daddy demonstrates the meaning of the phrase "Jack yo ass up" on a tightwad john. --Randy Patton
 Limo, mall, beige jackets...this can only mean one thing. The Mafia's summer line is out! --Jenn Dolari
 Aw, fer chrissake! Ya mean we drove twelve miles with Vinnie Castiglione's body smilin for all to see? The Don is not gonna be happy.... --Azazael
 "...and just ahead, we have your typical New York city gangland "hit". They'll pass on the left side of the bus. Please, no pictures - they don't like that." --not elsie

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