IADL #297
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 Chuck is on his way to the complaints department; they sold him the wrong reflection --Lizard
 I'll make a moving staircase and get away with me Lucky Charms! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Frank wondered exactly how long it would be before his picture finally made it to the Happy Archive Grounds. --Buoy
 Okaay..left foot UP...good so far...now, forward...whoa, losing balance here...THERE! Okay, right foot...there, it's up now...damn, this walking shit is hard! --Jamey Powell
 "Three? But I pressed the button for four!" --Gen. Sedgwick
 Failing to realize that his right leg was totally shredded by the escaltor, Dave paused before landing on his nose. --BrickBat
 Dave, misunderstanding the voices in his head, wonders, "How am I supposed to kill the mall?" --Norm DePlume
 "Third floor...Perfumes...Feminine Hygeine....L-L-L-L-L-Ling-g-g-g-gerie!" --Dog-matic 2000 (i plead temporary insanity)
 Suddenly, the escalator malfunctioned, blasting Dave through the wall at eighty miles per hour. --Mr. ?
 Dave, oblivious to the 'Out of Order' sign, stood, lost in thought, on the escalator for 3 hours. --Mr. ?
 Dork on you, feet! --Magus (Quit-choking-me!)
 Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Peter....... has no idea. --Magus
 If I knew Hell was that easy to escape, I'd had a lot more fun! --Mr. ?
 Ferris Beuler takes another day off, but this time, he just goes to the mall by himself. --Mr. ?
 "Great," thought Bill, "now that guy with the camera will put this picture on the internet, and everyone will know I'm not wearing underwear. This sucks." --phil
 So this is the afterlife, huh? Cool. --Riff
 Yes she took the stairs ... and he took the escalator, but their love was not to be strained by means of ascension alone! --Riff
 Jill waddled in place, Jim kept walking up the 'down' escalator - the race was on! --Riff
 Experimenting, Spinn abandons the subtle shot. The experiment was short-lived as, alas, was Spinn. --Bucky
 A little F.Y.I. for 'Fonzie' here; riding the escalator up to English class does not lend much street cred' to your 'rep. --Wench23
 Paul, after years of hiding from the world, finally decides to venture out of the food court. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Up from the sweltering depths of hell strode the embodiment of evil. A being so foul, so dark, so... oh never mind, it's just Bob. --The 13th Angel
 Momentarily forgetting about inertia, Clark Kent fails to stop "escalating", again forcing him to silence an innocent witness. --Adam, madam
 "I'm a little teapot, short and stout, here is my handle, here is my ...other handle. Golly! I'm a sugar bowl!" --Generik
 The newest Lord of the Dance trips the escalator fantastic. --Generik

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